Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Brilliant ideas no one will pay me for: Part 1

This is part one in what could be a million part series. I hope you're prepared.

Today I was sitting there trying to do real work when I remembered hearing this crazy story about a lady who makes purses out of people's pet fur.

No seriously.

Until today I thought this idea was pretty messed up.

But then, by accident, I proved the power of marketing to myself. And now I'm thinking I need to buy a pet so I can make a handbag out of it.

I was telling someone about Rumpel-cat-skin and they didn't believe me. I said, "It's true. For reals."

And then it hit me.




You're welcome, cat lady. I just named your business.

It's been a long day with no good ideas. Please forgive and forget.

1 comment:

nperner said...

+1 for proper placement of that Z. Awesome!