Friday, 22 February 2013

Why it pays to have designer friends.

Thanks Nic! Let's cash in on this thing and quit our day jobs.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Brilliant ideas no one will pay me for: Part 1

This is part one in what could be a million part series. I hope you're prepared.

Today I was sitting there trying to do real work when I remembered hearing this crazy story about a lady who makes purses out of people's pet fur.

No seriously.

Until today I thought this idea was pretty messed up.

But then, by accident, I proved the power of marketing to myself. And now I'm thinking I need to buy a pet so I can make a handbag out of it.

I was telling someone about Rumpel-cat-skin and they didn't believe me. I said, "It's true. For reals."

And then it hit me.




You're welcome, cat lady. I just named your business.

It's been a long day with no good ideas. Please forgive and forget.