Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Californian

The following are things I have heard myself say since living here. I have immediately hated myself for saying these things:

1.     Ugh, it’s just so sandy here. Can we switch to the pool?
2.     The thing is, Whole Foods employees aren’t helpful like Trader Joe’s are. And I heard their organic stuff is only barely organic.
3.     OH MY GOSH. Why is it so hot today? (85 minus an oceanic windchill factor of five degrees)
4.     Disneyland? What a pain.
5.     Oh, the 10 is backed up? You'll wanna take Sawtelle to the 405 to the 90, all the way until you get to Marina del Raaaa.
6.     How can I be out of quinoa. Am I supposed to starve for dinner?
7.     A tan is just so much work though, you know? I’ve been thinking about biting the bullet and using sunscreen.
8.     Yoga is getting old. Should we do Pilates on the Reformer or Barre Method next week?
9.     I just wish there was some variation. I miss the seasons.
10.  What’s the deal with these clouds?

Don’t hate Californians for being Californians. They may not have always been what they are now.


insaneyosh said...

it's so true. i definitely have a few other ones. hahaha like "i hardly ever go to the beach anymore now that I live 5 blocks away. too much hassel." --me

Britt Linde said...
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Britt Linde said...

wow i love you. even if you are one of those californians.

katalina6 said...

This is amazing. Only people from California will understand. The people I meet on the east coast think we are a whole different breed and they are right.