Friday, 28 September 2012

I can't be sure

but I think this is the scariest thing I have ever seen.

God bless the World Wide Web.

Monday, 24 September 2012

An open letter to the husbands of crafty/mommy/fashion bloggers:

I wonder if you are tired of carrying that camera around.

I wonder if some days you just want to eat cereal instead of doing brunch, and what happens if you don’t like cupcakes.

I wonder if you feel objectified by your internet alias of "Husband," "Love," "Sir," or "Mr. Surname."

I wonder if she at least lets you draw the name out of the hat for the weekly giveaway. I wonder if you have to pay for the shipping.

I wonder if you felt strange the first time she asked you to take a picture of her outfit while she struck an unintelligible pose in front of that rundown chain link fence that somehow lent itself to the fashionable irony of the pose. I wonder if you ever daydream about hiring an intern to do it.

I wonder if she ever asks you to fix the computer so she can keep blogging and you say, "DIY!!"

I wonder if that child is even yours.

No, I don't really wonder that.

But I wonder if you've ever thought about hacking her computer and posting about how mediocre your day was.

I wonder if you like red lipstick.

I wonder if you’d like to switch over to being my husband so I can quit my job and focus on my blog.

Many thanks,


Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Californian

The following are things I have heard myself say since living here. I have immediately hated myself for saying these things:

1.     Ugh, it’s just so sandy here. Can we switch to the pool?
2.     The thing is, Whole Foods employees aren’t helpful like Trader Joe’s are. And I heard their organic stuff is only barely organic.
3.     OH MY GOSH. Why is it so hot today? (85 minus an oceanic windchill factor of five degrees)
4.     Disneyland? What a pain.
5.     Oh, the 10 is backed up? You'll wanna take Sawtelle to the 405 to the 90, all the way until you get to Marina del Raaaa.
6.     How can I be out of quinoa. Am I supposed to starve for dinner?
7.     A tan is just so much work though, you know? I’ve been thinking about biting the bullet and using sunscreen.
8.     Yoga is getting old. Should we do Pilates on the Reformer or Barre Method next week?
9.     I just wish there was some variation. I miss the seasons.
10.  What’s the deal with these clouds?

Don’t hate Californians for being Californians. They may not have always been what they are now.