Tuesday, 15 May 2012

why do....

The other day at work I was racing against a deadline. I opened up a Google search, got completely distracted by the suggested searches, and missed my deadline entirely.

I did get this blog post out of it. 

Cats, dogs, and cheating men.

Next time he cheats, i'm going straight to Google to find out why. I bet it'd give me the name, address and twitter handle of the trick he cheated with too.


An interesting study in what the people of google remember being said by the great people of the world.

 Happy, hot, attractive and rich? I would describe myself as those things, in that order. Overall, I am ok with this. Nice even beat out weird!

I'd like to draw your attention to the #6 most searched thing under "why does...."

If you don't know why people hate Nickelback, I can refer to any one of their songs. If you're wondering why I hate Nickelback, I can refer you here

How old is Gladys Knight? I have no idea. But did you know she's Mormon? She's also nice, weird, happy, hot, attractive and rich.

How old is Justin Bieber? Old enough to think he can rap (what is that song, anyway?)

Seriously though. What are capers?

Thank you Google, for bringing all knowledge about the world's most pressing questions to our fingertips. Without you, I would never have known what Zayn Malik looked like shirtless.


Julianne said...

its like..........christmas morning when you post on your blog. i am just giggling the entire time i read every post. and the nickelback post is definitely one of my favorites. and the swimsuit one, where if you have to stare at the swimsuit as long as you do to find out what it's doing then you shouldn't be wearing it! haha I MISS YOU!!!

Kristen M. said...

Oh my gosh this post made me laugh out loud. and im not just saying that, i truly LAUGHED OUT LOUD. the one about nickelback was the real kicker. thanks rebs.

Cason and Marie said...

hahaha I just read your creed/nickelback post again with Cason. And we were both laughing!! Was your friend Mike Harrington???

Lindsey Reese said...

I often try googling myself, but seeing as how I have quite the generic name I could never find myself. So I tried the next best thing- I would try to find the person most like me who wasn't me- a Lindsey who was 5'-4" tall with green eyes from Provo, Utah. You'd be amazed how many replicas google can find. Miss you Reb, thanks for having a stalk-worthy blog!