Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I gained an eating disorder.

This morning while eating my heaping bowl of Special K, I noticed this bit about the "Special K Challenge" on the back.

If anyone can tell me a worse idea, I will give you a handful of my laundry/parking quarters. (Anyone who has ever lived in LA knows how precious an offering this is)

For those who aren't familiar with the Special K Challenge, it's the one that tells you to only eat 2 meals a day, each consisting of 1/2 cup of special k with a tablespoon of skim milk. Maybe it's the fact that I eat my cereal 3 servings at a time and usually only after midnight but...I'm offended by this.

I visited their website and here is my Meal Plan for today. Only 13 days to go!

I have a feeling I will be hungry, drained and cranky until I get to my spaghetti dinner. 

What happened to good, old-fashioned exercise? Apparently teaspoons of sugary carbs are just as good.

Each cereal box has this bit about "What I gained when I lost," where suckers who fell for this anorexic scheme tell you how they've gained self-esteem in the place of love handles. My Vanilla Almond flavor has an attractive Mom wearing Mom Jeans, claiming to have gained "Swag." Hmmmmm. 

Sorry, Special K, but I guess my Swag will have to go un-gained. Consider your challenge lost!


David said...

Special K:
>claims to be a weight loss food
>has high fructose corn syrup

Sloane said...

HAHAHA! This post just made my whole week! Love me some cereal! Love you!

Michelle said...

Maybe you should pitch an idea to Stacy's for a pita meal plan.