Monday, 19 March 2012

hello again!

I have recently emerged from being quite buried under a pile of work. And I have a whole :30 commercial about chips to show for it! 

We spent 8 days in Boston shooting. It was a lovely city and I had way more than my fill of scary sea creatures and clam chowdaaah.

We shot our commercial inside Stacy's bakery, which means we got to wear hairnets 24/7. These are the kinds of sexy things that make people want to go into advertising.

We used the real workers in our commercial, and their stories are pretty incredible. We made a little documentary film about them, which I'll put up in a few weeks when I won't get fired for doing so.

I have to say the best part of the experience was hanging out with Lisa Loeb. When we listened to our voiceover auditions we giggled about one of the women being named "Lisa Loeb," just like the pop and reality tv star from the 90's. After listening to her voice a few times our editor said, "you know what...i think it IS Lisa Loeb." We did what any curious group of adults would do and asked her to come to the edit bay to do a "callback." Sure enough, it was she. 40 years old, pregnant, and still wearing thick framed glasses.

She was quite delightful to work with and the whole time I struggled whether to acknowledge that she was Lisa Loeb or not. When she was leaving I couldn't help myself. I asked for her picture. She laughed about it and obliged. I apologized and told her I couldn't help but feel like her career was gonna take off after this. 

So here you have the fruits of our labors (if my mother hasn't already sent it to you). I must caveat that while I made a personal goal to never put words like "messin'" in my taglines, there are clients and middle-aged women who like that sort of thing. Sigh.

Since I know you'll all be rushing to the store to buy these things, I'd like to put a good word in for the cinnamon sugar. While they may be the reason for my larger-than-usual love handles, the are absolutely divine. Cheers!


DT said...

I love the pita chips and Lisa Loeb is great. I saw her at Park City opening for Lyle Lovett, and they both put on a great show.

kylie nixon said...

Your life is so cool. Can I take a tour of your trophy room when I visit you?

Erica+Matson said...

That's soo good! Lisa Loeb...I can see the CD cover sitting in my Mom's mini van. Pink and her laying down on the front all sexually. Haha. oh gosh. "Everybody feels this way..." Wow I think you just made me want to listen to her all day today.

brooke: said...

Alright yep obsessed. I feel as if our blogs have the same values ie never DIYing anything, haterz gon hate, and other blunt subjects mommy bloggers are afraid to touch on. okay wow also you're in advertising. Hey i'm in the program at BYU, holler. So you can expect my constant stalking. happy blogging