Monday, 31 October 2011

Is this real vida??

The other day whilst Spotifying my workday away, I came across this ad.

What else could I think but, is this verdad? I did a little research and, according to Wikipedia, they are indeed a real band. I have this weird feeling they're trying to tap into multiple markets ("I know! You call yourself nacho, everyone knows what those are") in order to appeal to a double horde of teenage girls ("Poeta is only one letter away from poet so, you know, they'll get that we're singing poetry even though they don't know what princessa and besos mean").

The music video for their hit single "NiƱa Bonita" has 33.9 MILLION HITS on YouTube. I tried to keep my finger from clicking and becoming the next victim of this hispanohablante movement, but alas, I failed. I'm keeping your self respect intact by not posting it in this post. 

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that things like Chino y Nacho exist, should I? I'm just not sure I've come across anything so stereotypically, racially perfect yet terrible since my African American Cabbage Patch doll whom I named Chocolate.


holli h. said...

really?? Choclate?? too perfect.

Silvia said...

My first response to this post is: What site exactly were you visiting that prompted this ad to pop-up? Or rather, what sites have you been visiting lately? But the really funny part in this whole thing is about "Chocolate" ha ha ha ha
I'm really resisting the urge to Google Chino Y Nacho, though.

Natalia said...

Bahahahahaha oh my gosh I laughed so hard!! Chocolate??? Hilarious

Jenny said...

So...maybe I watched these guys perform after an Astros baseball game. I was just curious what all the fuss was about.....embarrassing.