Monday, 3 October 2011

almost ryan gosling post.

I almost wrote a post about ryan gosling, then I remembered I am an adult. Then I remembered the time I clicked on a link entitled "every photo ever taken of ryan gosling and his dog," and started writing one again. Then I read this. And realized my post would likely pale in comparison.

So read it!! And all I'll add is the fact that his almost-mormonism makes him so terribly much more appealing. If only I could visit teach him!! I heard he lives in L.A. so we'll see how that pans out.

On a completely separate and more righteous note, how lovely was general conference this weekend? Provo tabernacle = temple? I am so proud to have been born in the spiritual epicenter of the universe!!! Jokes. Seriously though, what a beautiful future for such a beautiful building. I'm so grateful to be able to have my life so incredibly spiritually recharged twice a year.

On another separate note, I have never been so Fall-sick. If you live in Utah, please go on a drive through Provo Canyon. Afterwards, rake up your leaves into a big pile and jump in them. Then send me one. My address is....jk. But appreciate it ok? It's so dang sunny and warm here. Not complaining....but I love and miss my Utah crisp fall air...almost as much as I love mr. R.G. Cuz we totes have the same initials. Fate!


Kellee Marie Cook said...

I miss fall too. It's still summer here in Florida and quite frankly I'd like to wear a jacket and some boots every now and again and see some color change.

poor us. ;)

holli h. said...

I attended the first session of conference, and afterwards Jacob and I took the scenic route through the canyon! It was soooo beautiful. We took tons of pics. so yeah, don't worry. I'm appreciating the fall-ness over here.

Michelle and Aaron Darais said...

hahahahaha if anyone can appreciate this post it's me! I will never be able to get enough of RG and The Notebook will ALWAYS be my favorite movie no matter how many people make fun of me for it!

Emily K said...

Having been born and raised in Southern California, I thought I would feel a lot happier with the lack of changing seasons. But alas, I too am fall-sick. But if you ever tell anyone here in California I will deny it

Kerali said...

Love this post and love that amazing post about RG because get real. he's. amazing. I miss you!! And don't worry you really aren't missing out on much, the weather is so bipolar and I would give anything to trade places!! Miss YOU!!