Monday, 31 October 2011

Is this real vida??

The other day whilst Spotifying my workday away, I came across this ad.

What else could I think but, is this verdad? I did a little research and, according to Wikipedia, they are indeed a real band. I have this weird feeling they're trying to tap into multiple markets ("I know! You call yourself nacho, everyone knows what those are") in order to appeal to a double horde of teenage girls ("Poeta is only one letter away from poet so, you know, they'll get that we're singing poetry even though they don't know what princessa and besos mean").

The music video for their hit single "NiƱa Bonita" has 33.9 MILLION HITS on YouTube. I tried to keep my finger from clicking and becoming the next victim of this hispanohablante movement, but alas, I failed. I'm keeping your self respect intact by not posting it in this post. 

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that things like Chino y Nacho exist, should I? I'm just not sure I've come across anything so stereotypically, racially perfect yet terrible since my African American Cabbage Patch doll whom I named Chocolate.

Friday, 14 October 2011

beginner's luck.

When you 'study' Advertising in school, you have these grandiose dreams of doing work for products you actually like. You know--Nikes, Levis, iPods. Cool things you'd actually buy. Nine out of ten ad students enter the real world to find themselves working from 10 AM til whenever the client is happy creating web banners for global business-to-business tech companies. ("Well, I really think we should look at the Call To Action again. Is "Explore" a bit stronger than "Learn More?"") You fake it til you make it and eventually convince yourself that it's not unethical to sell something you hate because someone, somewhere has to like this stuff. Right?

Anyway. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked on this project for Bare Escentuals. If you haven't used their products, you must! I started using it when an esthetician made me feel my bumpy cheeks and promise to never buy Target makeup again. I've been a believer for a few years now and can honestly say it's changed my skin. This campaign was going into production right when I got here. It's full of warm fuzzies, and it works something like this...

(if you pause it at 1:30 you will see my famous face doing that terrible thing i do where i cover my mouth with my hand)

Our team was made up entirely of chicks. Recipe for success right? Call me a feminist, but sometimes it takes cool chicks to spot other cool chicks. It was amazing how strongly these women's personalities came through that wall (especially the sword collector, who was slightly bonkers). One of the greatest unforeseen outcomes was the response from the models. Every one of them mentioned how flattering it was to have a casting director care about WHO they were instead of just WHAT they looked like. I mean, models are people too, right?

The five women we ended up with made our jaws drop. After meeting and interviewing them, there came a point where we were all like, I suck? By the end of the shoot though, the models seemed to have developed mutual girl crushes on the ladies on my team. (Like I said, warm fuzzy fest). From discussing Buddhism vs. Mormonism with Keri to Darlene making me teach her how to use a Mac, I can personally vouch for the realness and more importantly, the goodness of our five Forces of Beauty.

Here's to being able to promote something I really believe in. And here's to a team of amazing ladies who dedicated bijillions of hours to bringing more real beauty into the world.

Check out the rest of the campaign here. And go buy some B.E. :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

feisty lady.

I've been meaning to post this since her new album came out last week and I'm really cool so I'm always the first one to listen to new music.

But seriously, your quality of life will improve if you download this album. If you are poor like me, download Spotify and listen to it for free. It is hauntingly beautiful.
Happy Monday friends.

Monday, 3 October 2011

almost ryan gosling post.

I almost wrote a post about ryan gosling, then I remembered I am an adult. Then I remembered the time I clicked on a link entitled "every photo ever taken of ryan gosling and his dog," and started writing one again. Then I read this. And realized my post would likely pale in comparison.

So read it!! And all I'll add is the fact that his almost-mormonism makes him so terribly much more appealing. If only I could visit teach him!! I heard he lives in L.A. so we'll see how that pans out.

On a completely separate and more righteous note, how lovely was general conference this weekend? Provo tabernacle = temple? I am so proud to have been born in the spiritual epicenter of the universe!!! Jokes. Seriously though, what a beautiful future for such a beautiful building. I'm so grateful to be able to have my life so incredibly spiritually recharged twice a year.

On another separate note, I have never been so Fall-sick. If you live in Utah, please go on a drive through Provo Canyon. Afterwards, rake up your leaves into a big pile and jump in them. Then send me one. My address is....jk. But appreciate it ok? It's so dang sunny and warm here. Not complaining....but I love and miss my Utah crisp fall air...almost as much as I love mr. R.G. Cuz we totes have the same initials. Fate!