Monday, 12 September 2011

my life...

...consists of writing lots of things. Some of these things are called "MANIFESTOS," in which you tell a brand who they are and what they stand for. It has to really put a stake in the ground you know? Really make people want to rise up and join the fight, to give their life for this brand if it's required. A friend at work sent me this little gem, which gives you a glimpse into our lives.

Thank you to whoever Kimmok is for helping me through a very long evening at work last week.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

if you like kanye, you might hate me.

I'm sure you're all unaware that this weekend in Los Angeles, CODXP happened. CODXP, you ask? To the best of my knowledge I think it stands for Call of Duty X-Perience? Basically it's where thousands of gamerdorks come together to play a new video game. While zip lining and paint balling were also available, I don't think this crowd cares much for physical activity.

Since Chiat does all the advertising for Activision, they let us go for free. Not too tempting, UNTIL they told us Kanye West was playing....hmm... I mean I like Kanye as much as the next white girl from Provo, Utah (?).

Helena and I, the two blond females in the building. This lady has been known to get in VIP at a club for telling them she was the Princess of Monaco...suffice it to say getting us to the front row was not a problem.

What was a problem was when we had to watch a bunch of dudes compete for this trophy with fake dude guns at the bottom, which they won along with $400,000 DOLLARS!!! The whole time I just wanted to run up on stage and yell, "GO OUTSIDE!!"

Finally they took got to the realll dealll. Here's the setup crew.

Here's our krewww.

The videos I took look amazing on my phone and terrible on my computer so I will work on getting better copies of them. At one point Kid Cudi came out and I missed high-fiving them both by inches!!! Blast!! For now, here's where he popped up right behind me.

And where he descended.

First moments on stage.

"I'm lost in the wooooods!!!!"

Ballet + hip hop? Why not. This definitely did not make me miss my leotard-wearing days and I think a few of them unfortunately forgot their spray adhesive. At least none of them had to wear any of this.

Annnnd here's where we made eye contact.

I know I just wrote a blog post about hating internet narcissism, I know that on Monday it may be a different story...but last night my job was a little cooler than yours.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

i met a guy...

...who is handsome, smart, righteous, funny, kind and....

Creed, the band. Remember? I almost put their music on my blog before remembering I'd rather die.

HE LOVES CREED! I cannot state that fact more clearly or with more disbelief. It's that tragic moment where you hear the one sentence, slow motion, that confirms you could never make someone happy.

Mine used to be, "Well, I just go to Community College because it's easy and I can hang out as much as I want." Now I'm afraid it's, "I like the band CREED."

Even worse is when it's followed by "I like Creed's evil-twin-step-cousin Nickelback, too."

Aghh this guy! With his Top Ramen hair!

Truth be told, the guy I speak of is only a friend of mine (I know you all got your hopes up) and there's never been romantic interest and I told him I could hate the sin (CREED) but love the sinner (him) despite our fundamental differences. But it's a little easier said than done. I mean I just don't get it, CREED??

Okay, okay I'll stop. But someone tell me you understand....