Thursday, 4 August 2011

Ho-Lee Clow!

So this guy named Lee Clow is kind of a big deal in AdLand.
He's the reason why you buy anything (or everything) Apple makes, why you know about animals like the Energizer bunny or the chihuahua that quieros taco bell. He's been the mastermind behind Chiat for quite some time and I happen to sit right behind his office.

The other day I had a dorky ad person moment when I saw him for the first time and uttered a little gasp. I thought, Holy Cow!
Then I thought, Ho-Lee Clow! and realized I'm in the right job.


holli h. said...

hahahaha! too good.

Mrs. Ham said...

you're too much! it's crazy to me to think of how creative some minds are! wish i had one...until then i'll clean teeth.

Kelsey said...

haha! When i interned at Chiat, I had a few awkward run-ins with Lee Clow. For example, one time as I was leaving the cafeteria and was mid-bite into a muffin, he passed me and said, "hello" with my mouth full, i gave a charming "herro" back. He's pretty intimidating.