Sunday, 17 July 2011

John Frieda lied.

There have been a few horrid indications of adulthood lately. One of them was not going to the HP7 midnight showing. Even worse than not going to the movie was when I tweeted on July 14th and said, "t minus four days until HP7 comes out and I don't even have a ticket." Shortly thereafter someone corrected me that the movie in fact came out on July 15th. I felt like one of those old people who hasn't heard of the internets.

Another shocking moment was when I put my hair back in a bun the other day to reveal black roots. I kid you not, BLACK. Ok dirty blond but still! What is this?? Gone are the days when my hair was naturally bright blond and I could tell people I only had to color it in the Winter. I thought, "Gee, it sure would be nice to go blonder," which led me to this.

John Frieda to the rescue! This has to work right? They sell it at Target! Plus my sister-in-law used it and her hairs look great. So I tried it. The results were quick, if not terrifying.
I kid you not, John Frieda, I have ORANGE HAIR! ORANGE!!

The only thing to do was to put more in, in hopes that the orange is just a mutation that occurred when the 'blonder' mixed with the blackness of my roots. I looked on the ingredients and it says it contains "citrus and chamomile."

Somewhere, John Frieda sits in a lab squeezing buckets of lemon juice and packets of tea into little yellow bottles and laughs.

I am hoping beyond hope that this can be fixed and I don't look like a foreign exchange student who got hold of some hair dye forever. Until then I will sing the praises of my hairdresser in Utah (who is fabulous and a ridiculous deal and you should all call her-801.380.3334) and rot in my old age.

(ps) I should probably give some sort of life update: I just hit my two week mark in the LA. It feels like three years. Every day after work I go drive somewhere and usually end up lost. It's strange, but since I don't really know where I am, I don't really mind being lost. Usually it results in me discovering some new Winchell's donut shop so I'm ok with it. The other day I discovered Whole Foods and spent $7 on a box of organic grape nuts. Sometimes when I'm stressed I come home and dance around in my living room. There are no mirrors so I have no idea what I look like. It keeps me happy and the neighbors confused. Life is good.

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H. Baum said...

oh no reb! I'm cringing at the thought of that orange. The freida stuff I think is only intended for already blonde hair-- like to do lighter ends, etc. but even still- I will never suggest it because citric acid + the sun is never a good thing. Hope you find somebody good-- LA hair dressers are super expensive so if you're desperate, go to a school and find the person who is about to graduate- like next week. If they are asian, RUN, don't walk out of there. They don't understand blonde hair.

I'm jealous of your california adventures! I hope you're loving it and your new job!