Thursday, 28 July 2011

funny and female. feasible?

Today at work two guys showed me a project they're working on (a project which must remain non-disclosed, thank you lawyers) for a car company (which I won't name) and it made me giggle quite a bit. It wasn't a typically comedic brand but the stuff was HILARIOUS.

I got really nostalgic for the days when I could do way funny things like this and call it school. This longing led me to wondering whether it's actually feasible to be female and funny, or whether it's like the WNBA and even women would just plain rather watch boys do it.

It seems this (skill?) would be women's crowning achievement at true equality, and we've made lots of headway lately, thanks to people like Liz Lemon.

But even I, feminist that I am, cannot say we're quite there yet. Case in point--Harvard Sailing team's "boys will be girls" has 3.2 million views, while it's lesser half "girls will be boys" has 1 million. If you haven't watched them, use the links to do so. My money says you'll cringe and give up about halfway through the second one. I did.

I get a little depressed when I realize that all guys really want is for girls to be less funny than them. Because let's face it--the only thing worse than someone being funny on purpose is a girl being funny on purpose. Sigh.

I think it would make some dead suffragettes really happy if we could add the funny merit badge to our sash. Until then, I'll keep laughing at my co-worker's jokes and dream for the day when the glass ceiling will shatter all over his face.
(that was more violent than intended but you know what i mean)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

John Frieda lied.

There have been a few horrid indications of adulthood lately. One of them was not going to the HP7 midnight showing. Even worse than not going to the movie was when I tweeted on July 14th and said, "t minus four days until HP7 comes out and I don't even have a ticket." Shortly thereafter someone corrected me that the movie in fact came out on July 15th. I felt like one of those old people who hasn't heard of the internets.

Another shocking moment was when I put my hair back in a bun the other day to reveal black roots. I kid you not, BLACK. Ok dirty blond but still! What is this?? Gone are the days when my hair was naturally bright blond and I could tell people I only had to color it in the Winter. I thought, "Gee, it sure would be nice to go blonder," which led me to this.

John Frieda to the rescue! This has to work right? They sell it at Target! Plus my sister-in-law used it and her hairs look great. So I tried it. The results were quick, if not terrifying.
I kid you not, John Frieda, I have ORANGE HAIR! ORANGE!!

The only thing to do was to put more in, in hopes that the orange is just a mutation that occurred when the 'blonder' mixed with the blackness of my roots. I looked on the ingredients and it says it contains "citrus and chamomile."

Somewhere, John Frieda sits in a lab squeezing buckets of lemon juice and packets of tea into little yellow bottles and laughs.

I am hoping beyond hope that this can be fixed and I don't look like a foreign exchange student who got hold of some hair dye forever. Until then I will sing the praises of my hairdresser in Utah (who is fabulous and a ridiculous deal and you should all call her-801.380.3334) and rot in my old age.

(ps) I should probably give some sort of life update: I just hit my two week mark in the LA. It feels like three years. Every day after work I go drive somewhere and usually end up lost. It's strange, but since I don't really know where I am, I don't really mind being lost. Usually it results in me discovering some new Winchell's donut shop so I'm ok with it. The other day I discovered Whole Foods and spent $7 on a box of organic grape nuts. Sometimes when I'm stressed I come home and dance around in my living room. There are no mirrors so I have no idea what I look like. It keeps me happy and the neighbors confused. Life is good.

Monday, 11 July 2011

"i think i'm a mermaid. or i was."

I am obsessed with this woman. I have goosebumps, I'm inspired, I will re-dedicate myself to mastering that lunge she does in the Single Ladies video, I will buy anything she sells.

For some reason the video is cut off... If you want to watch it on YouTube, click here.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

well, i'm alive.

And I live in LA. So weird. I am tired/overwhelmed/happy and exhausted so this will be quick.

I had to blog about a few final events in p-town, most notably seeing HARRY AND THE POTTERS play at the SLC library. I've never been so happy.

(harry potter year 4 with his gryffindor sax)

The band is literally three guys (Harry Potter year 4, Harry Potter year 7, and their drummer) who were struggling to play horrible music and decided one day to rename themselves after the boy who lived. They now sing dorky wizard songs and I suppose make a living touring the country's libraries. Behold the power of branding.

Here is Robbie getting his appropriate t shirt signed, whilst telling Harry Potter year four about his idea for a Wizard Rock band, "Bellatrix and the Crux Hors." They liked it especially for its black leathery undertones.

Robbie, your magic really is real.

I got to help mama babysit these darlings, Emy and Charlie. We went to Seven Peaks and watched way too many movies. Here they are trying on Dad's old glasses.....obsessed.

Gangster Charlie?

My last night in p-town we went out on the lake and I couldn't have asked Mother Nature for a more perfect evening.

Then I drove with my mom and my sis for 12,00000 hours through weekend/holiday traffic with my life packed in two cars.

We painted walls and decorated and laughed and spent a billion dollars at Target and ate dinner sitting on a mattress in the middle of my empty living room.

I will post pictures when the place is looking more photogenic. I love my bedroom but the living room is, for all intents and purposes, a dance studio at this point. The spaciousness and hardwood floors are nice, but hopefully I'll fill it with something sooner or later. I'm realllll excited about decorating this place. Till then, I'm going to bed. Love n' hugz.