Monday, 13 June 2011


I just remembered that this invention exists.

Mankind thought it was so smart until it realized how dorky it looked in the meantime. Baha!

I remember at my 6th grade science fair Garrett Mckay came up with the same idea. He called them "shpants." If only he'd had a good patent lawyer before they showed up in department stores. Sigh.

Searching "zip off pants" on google images produces possibly the frumpiest set of results I have ever seen. 6.8 MILLION OF THEM, I might add.

Like if you wanna wear one pant and one short you can do that.

Or if you're a cop and you still wanna wear your shpants, you can do that.

Or if you're gothic but you wanna wear some shpants you can do that too.

Cabela's come with a very informational picture. Here is their product description:

Cabelas Guidewear® men's zip off pants are great for travel -- zip off the legs when the sun gets hot, and pack the many pockets with everything from guidebooks to sunscreen and a sacklunch. The waist can gather on a skinny guy, but they're handy travelers. Add atraveler's money belt and you'll be carrying everything you need.
Call me materialistic, but curse the day when I stuff my sacklunch in the pocket of my shpants.

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michelle said...

Haahahahahaha!!!!! Garret!!! Oh my shpants!!!