Sunday, 15 May 2011

movie loner.

Yesterday I found myself in Salt Lake City at 4 pm with three hours to kill before my next wedding. I couldn't think of any friends to call. I was only a few hundred feet away from Gateway but my unemployment thankfully nixed that option. It was pouring rain so a stroll through the park was out. Then I remembered an incident from my past.

One day at Ogilvy last summer I had a conversation with an interesting fellow. He had just won a competition Ogilvy put on called "The Best Salesperson on Earth." The idea was for people to send in videos of them selling a red brick and the most interesting/persuasive person won an internship at Ogiltown.

Well, this guy was the winner and as a reward got to sit by me! One day we were talking and somehow the topic came up of going to restaurants or movies alone. He told me he did it all the time and I was semi appalled. Where I come from we're cheap and the only way we pay for entertainment is if there's a social benefit attached to it.

He challenged me to do it that week. And I chickened out. I'm not sure why it seemed so hard or awkward. There's just something about answering the question, "How many?" with "one" that is unsavory to my tongue. Am I alone in this? Can anyone agree and make me feel better about myself? What's weird to me is that I go to plenty of social functions alone and feel totally fine about it. So why is it difficult to be alone amidst a group of strangers?

Sitting there in my car, I took one final look at Gateway and decided to conquer my fear of being a movie loner. Props to my trusty iPhone 4 for finding this movie at the lovely and equally sketchy BROADWAY THEATER.

Anyone seen it? I thought it was visually stunning but I'm not sure I would've enjoyed it had I not read the book. I'd definitely recommend it but more on a level of it being fun to see snippets of a book you love acted out on screen than a film that can stand on its own.

As for being there by myself, it was honestly kind of liberating. Look at me breaking through the confines of social norms! For real though, I think everyone should take the movie loner challenge. I suppose this means that the restaurant loner challenge is next on my list, which seems incredibly more difficult. In New York maybe, but in Provo that just seems terrible. I will be on the lookout for a quaint cafe I can bring my book to and enjoy some alone time. As always, suggestions are welcome.

P.s. Anyone know how I can get my Ha-Ken post back? Apparently Blogger went AWOL the other day and killed it.


Marissa said...

I totally want to try going to a movie alone. It kindof sounds nice actually, since it is hard for Stevenson and I to get out together. Blogger killed one of my posts too this week. I could see it in my reader, but not on my blog. So i copied and pasted from my reader. Hope that helps.

Michelle said...

the reward for best salesman of the year was, sit by rebbie!!???? i like it.

Lindsey S. said...

It was fun seeing you saturday. You are as darling as ever. I think we should do a dance reunion this summer!

Funk said...

I related to your post and just had to comment.

I go to movies by myself all the time. I actually really enjoy it; that liberating feeling is a good way to put it. Though, I was "shy" about it my first time. It was about 4 years ago. I continually checked my phone and looked around pretending I was looking/waiting for someone. In my own head, I had everyone fooled. Then reality struck and I realized no one was paying attention to my acting. So I just sat back and enjoyed a Harry Potter movie all by myself.

I go to restaurants alone too. An easy way to ease into it is go to a place with a bar your first time. Sushi places are good (I went to Happy Sumo a lot by myself). You can talk to the chef or just watch TV/read.

Plus, I have seen the movie Jane Eyre and I haven't read the book. I really liked the movie. I think it stands on its own well. Though, maybe I need to reassess my life because I was the only straight male in the theater when I saw it...