Sunday, 8 May 2011

happy day my mother dear

I just wanted to give a little shout out to my mamacita Susie Q.

I'm not sure if anyone has ever met her without immediately loving her. I know for me it was love at first sight.

A lot about my mother can be summed up in a little tale about dancer feet and french toast.

Susan J. Groesbeck has the most incredible feet you've ever seen. Ridiculously high arches that no doubt served her well when she was on the dance team, as well as the Glee Club at Highland High. I, as her semi-flat-footed daughter, have cursed whatever punnett square cheated me out of inheriting them on many occasions. One trait I did inherit, however, is her gasp. If you have spent any time with me at all, you unfortunately know what I'm referring to.

So anyway, one morning she was making some delicious french toast before school. She was carefully carting pieces of french toast from the griddle to our plates via small black spatula. On one trip she somehow lost control of the situation, and at this point everything became slow motion. The steaming piece of toast spun through the air towards the ground. My mother gasped. She stuck out her foot.

(this is not her foot but it could be)

And in a moment of homemakerly miracles, the french toast landed right on her big toe. Call me crazy but I swear it spun around for ten seconds before stopping there, perfectly perched with her polished toe poking through. All she said was, "I'll eat that one," and kept on making breakfast.

I tell this story to illustrate not only the ridiculous incidents she has created for our benefit, but also her sacrificial love. This woman doesn't know how not to constantly serve everyone around her. From teaching step aerobics to the ladies in our Stake at 5:45 AM, to going to Girl's Camp for ten years straight, to being the most animated grandma Gigi in the world, the woman is a rock star and an angel all at the same time.

I love her bunches and very much doubt I will ever be able to do half what she has done in her life, let alone catch breakfast foods with my feet.

Love you Gigi!


Jen said...

Your mom was my first visiting teaching companion - remember how they paired us up with women in the ward at the end of our senior year? She's awesome.

Rosie said...

Hear hear!