Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Get it?

I don't suppose you would, unless you know my good friend (and prom king) HAWKEN VANCE.

The thing is, he's got this legendary laugh that has been known to make animals deaf and humans happy, albeit bewildered. Robbie and I brainstormed what we could make for his birthday that would be the most appropriate. We thought of making it say Ha-ha-Hawken or something along those lines but then somehow an idea came to us.

I've been known to make a cake or two in my day. When I was little I went through this crazy phase of making three-tiered cakes and decorating them with flowers and twigs from the yard. (...?) I thought I'd try something new, and decorate a cake using a Barbie. Or more specifically, a Ken. A Ha-Ken.

You like? I've rarely seen him so happy.

The most awkward part was when we had to wash Ken's shorts off. First Robbie bathed him in the river on campus with only a paper towel to help. "Is this what it's like to be a mother?" said Robbie, as he wiped Ken's loins with the damp white cloth.

Anyway, I decided the sink was a better option but then I kind of forgot and left him there. Poor Nat came home from a week long vacation to find a nudist guarding the faucet. Sorry dear!

If you need a cake decorated...scratch that. If you need ANYTHING AT ALL, please let me know. I know a girl who has lots of free time and could use a reason to get out of bed.


amanda said...

genius! If you're up for sewing some pillow slip covers for, let me know.

tayloranne said...

Haha this is amazing!!!! Best birthday cake ever.