Sunday, 29 May 2011

firstings of late.

Had some great firsts lately. I actually completed the Restaurant Loner challenge and found it quite pleasant! I'm not sure it counts since I was in LA, by myself, but still I'm giving myself credit. It seems that with a good book, all loner tasks can be made pleasant. I read The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien and would highly recommend it!

Anyway, other firsts include a random drive through Midway that led to checking out the crater at the homestead. Anyone been there? This place is crazy. Indoor scuba pool/hot tub? If only i'd brought my swimsuit.

I guess part of scuba training includes lugging another human through the water. That's what they all seemed to be doing at least. Perhaps it's emergency scuba training, should your comrade's oxygen run short or you discover a wounded fish?

Also I attended a 1920's party. Flapper clothing is incredibly difficult to come by unless your great grandmother happens to be mine. I discovered a bunch of her old dresses at my parent's house and they were amazing! Now I know where I inherited my terrible love for fashion.

Flappers can thizzz face too.

Also I think I maybe got a job. I am hesitant to admit this to the interweb since nothing is in paper yet BUT I am so excited slash completely overwhelmed. More to come on this for certain, once I am a little more able to share :) I'm growing up. It's weird. Someone help me know how to be an adult please? Thanks!

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holli h. said...

I want to go to that crater so bad!!! How cool!!!