Thursday, 5 May 2011

Eliane's Bakery

So this decision to try new things has taken a turn for the unhealthy. Somehow I find myself limited to a combination of fattening foods and absurd classes at the gym. While I have yet to try Aqua Cardio, I'm running out of options before that becomes necessary. At least it balances itself out though, right? In theory at least.

My latest food venture is ELIANE'S BAKERY. I've heard about this French bakery for quite some time. It's located on State Street right next to Expedx, and I kind of love how hideous it is. Holly berries still decorating the windows? Don't worry the inside is decorated with nothing but silk plants and the Arch de Triomphe painted on one wall.

The guy who owns it will greet you with a loud BONJOUR! And I'm honestly not sure he speaks English.

(unintentional french face by mme michelle)

Now since I've been to Europe and am cultured, I can tell you how much better French pastries are than American. Jk but really it was really really good. Just light and delicious and you should go there and eat something.

This was my favorite. Go eat it now!!

The job hunt continues. Sigh. Filled with good moments and bad moments. Some of the good ones included reading A River Runs Through It on the grassy knoll in the sun outside my house. The language is gorgeous, definitely lived up to the hype, and you can read it in an afternoon.

Some of the bad moments can be summed up in one I had last night, when I caught a glimpse of myself in the kitchen window at 1 AM, funfetti all over my fingers and yellow frosting smeared on my face. Ohh dear. Has it come to this?

If anyone has any ideas of things I can try that don't include food, I'm all ears. Spiral Jetty is on the list for tomorrow. We will be eating carrots as our snack.


Julianne said...

hahahah! k first of all, you both look BEAUTIFUL at the bakery. and second, you are so funny {1:00am comment}. how bout ya make your way on some road trips while you've got some time? i've heard zions is a great camping area {hahaha or wherever we went on that roadtrip with our ym/yw and mitch palmer followed me around the entire time}

W. A. Sandholtz said...

Look Reb, I found your blog.
And as far as ideas go, the word on the proverbial street is that there is "a rare classic Streamline Moderne 60' x 16' Art Deco diner car restaurant located in the remote mountain city of Oakley, Utah." Ahem and ahem. I know it might seem like I just gave you an idea that includes food but I was suggesting just going to look. Actually that's a lie.

Rachel said...

Ok. Just found your blog. I worked at Eliane's for several months in college. Gained 7 pounds. Whoops.