Monday, 23 May 2011

bunny gnaw.

This Easter the lovely Natalie Camp surprised all the Cheetahs with lovely little easter baskets. In each of them was this:

Giant, solid, chocolate bunny. I have thus far avoided looking at the Nutrition Facts, but I'm sure they are terrifying and only apply to one serving out of the 25 that make up the entire unit. You can see I've eaten the ears of mine, but after this it gets a little difficult. The body of the bunny is quite thick and impossible to break with your hands.

I've tried cutting it with a knife. I've tried cutting it with scissors. Both result in chocolate shavings, and who wants to eat those?

We have each hidden our bunnies in our respective pantries and until lately I hadn't known how anyone was getting theirs eaten....until tonight!

When I saw Dani's sitting on its haunches on the kitchen table. I am so relieved to see I'm not the only one whose self-respect has plummeted as I've been forced to gnaw on my bunny. It's actually shockingly similar to the way a bunny would gnaw something else, say a carrot. I actually heard the other day that if bunnies don't have something to gnaw on, their teeth will just continue to grow! So I'm taking comfort in the fact that I am a) perhaps keeping my teeth nicely sanded and b) doing unto my bunny what it would do to me, if I were a carrot.


Sarah Orme said...

Funniest post ever. Ky and I were basically crying. Mostly because we kept thinking about your bunny dance...which you neglected to mention in the post.

Cassie said...

I am sitting in my classroom, dreading the end of recess and this post just made me giggle myself silly. Thanks for keeping it real Rebb.