Monday, 30 May 2011

i heart books.

Usually I heart making them. But I've just discovered the beauty of destroying them. Anyone seen these? I want to try.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

firstings of late.

Had some great firsts lately. I actually completed the Restaurant Loner challenge and found it quite pleasant! I'm not sure it counts since I was in LA, by myself, but still I'm giving myself credit. It seems that with a good book, all loner tasks can be made pleasant. I read The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien and would highly recommend it!

Anyway, other firsts include a random drive through Midway that led to checking out the crater at the homestead. Anyone been there? This place is crazy. Indoor scuba pool/hot tub? If only i'd brought my swimsuit.

I guess part of scuba training includes lugging another human through the water. That's what they all seemed to be doing at least. Perhaps it's emergency scuba training, should your comrade's oxygen run short or you discover a wounded fish?

Also I attended a 1920's party. Flapper clothing is incredibly difficult to come by unless your great grandmother happens to be mine. I discovered a bunch of her old dresses at my parent's house and they were amazing! Now I know where I inherited my terrible love for fashion.

Flappers can thizzz face too.

Also I think I maybe got a job. I am hesitant to admit this to the interweb since nothing is in paper yet BUT I am so excited slash completely overwhelmed. More to come on this for certain, once I am a little more able to share :) I'm growing up. It's weird. Someone help me know how to be an adult please? Thanks!

Monday, 23 May 2011

bunny gnaw.

This Easter the lovely Natalie Camp surprised all the Cheetahs with lovely little easter baskets. In each of them was this:

Giant, solid, chocolate bunny. I have thus far avoided looking at the Nutrition Facts, but I'm sure they are terrifying and only apply to one serving out of the 25 that make up the entire unit. You can see I've eaten the ears of mine, but after this it gets a little difficult. The body of the bunny is quite thick and impossible to break with your hands.

I've tried cutting it with a knife. I've tried cutting it with scissors. Both result in chocolate shavings, and who wants to eat those?

We have each hidden our bunnies in our respective pantries and until lately I hadn't known how anyone was getting theirs eaten....until tonight!

When I saw Dani's sitting on its haunches on the kitchen table. I am so relieved to see I'm not the only one whose self-respect has plummeted as I've been forced to gnaw on my bunny. It's actually shockingly similar to the way a bunny would gnaw something else, say a carrot. I actually heard the other day that if bunnies don't have something to gnaw on, their teeth will just continue to grow! So I'm taking comfort in the fact that I am a) perhaps keeping my teeth nicely sanded and b) doing unto my bunny what it would do to me, if I were a carrot.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

movie loner.

Yesterday I found myself in Salt Lake City at 4 pm with three hours to kill before my next wedding. I couldn't think of any friends to call. I was only a few hundred feet away from Gateway but my unemployment thankfully nixed that option. It was pouring rain so a stroll through the park was out. Then I remembered an incident from my past.

One day at Ogilvy last summer I had a conversation with an interesting fellow. He had just won a competition Ogilvy put on called "The Best Salesperson on Earth." The idea was for people to send in videos of them selling a red brick and the most interesting/persuasive person won an internship at Ogiltown.

Well, this guy was the winner and as a reward got to sit by me! One day we were talking and somehow the topic came up of going to restaurants or movies alone. He told me he did it all the time and I was semi appalled. Where I come from we're cheap and the only way we pay for entertainment is if there's a social benefit attached to it.

He challenged me to do it that week. And I chickened out. I'm not sure why it seemed so hard or awkward. There's just something about answering the question, "How many?" with "one" that is unsavory to my tongue. Am I alone in this? Can anyone agree and make me feel better about myself? What's weird to me is that I go to plenty of social functions alone and feel totally fine about it. So why is it difficult to be alone amidst a group of strangers?

Sitting there in my car, I took one final look at Gateway and decided to conquer my fear of being a movie loner. Props to my trusty iPhone 4 for finding this movie at the lovely and equally sketchy BROADWAY THEATER.

Anyone seen it? I thought it was visually stunning but I'm not sure I would've enjoyed it had I not read the book. I'd definitely recommend it but more on a level of it being fun to see snippets of a book you love acted out on screen than a film that can stand on its own.

As for being there by myself, it was honestly kind of liberating. Look at me breaking through the confines of social norms! For real though, I think everyone should take the movie loner challenge. I suppose this means that the restaurant loner challenge is next on my list, which seems incredibly more difficult. In New York maybe, but in Provo that just seems terrible. I will be on the lookout for a quaint cafe I can bring my book to and enjoy some alone time. As always, suggestions are welcome.

P.s. Anyone know how I can get my Ha-Ken post back? Apparently Blogger went AWOL the other day and killed it.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Get it?

I don't suppose you would, unless you know my good friend (and prom king) HAWKEN VANCE.

The thing is, he's got this legendary laugh that has been known to make animals deaf and humans happy, albeit bewildered. Robbie and I brainstormed what we could make for his birthday that would be the most appropriate. We thought of making it say Ha-ha-Hawken or something along those lines but then somehow an idea came to us.

I've been known to make a cake or two in my day. When I was little I went through this crazy phase of making three-tiered cakes and decorating them with flowers and twigs from the yard. (...?) I thought I'd try something new, and decorate a cake using a Barbie. Or more specifically, a Ken. A Ha-Ken.

You like? I've rarely seen him so happy.

The most awkward part was when we had to wash Ken's shorts off. First Robbie bathed him in the river on campus with only a paper towel to help. "Is this what it's like to be a mother?" said Robbie, as he wiped Ken's loins with the damp white cloth.

Anyway, I decided the sink was a better option but then I kind of forgot and left him there. Poor Nat came home from a week long vacation to find a nudist guarding the faucet. Sorry dear!

If you need a cake decorated...scratch that. If you need ANYTHING AT ALL, please let me know. I know a girl who has lots of free time and could use a reason to get out of bed.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

happy day my mother dear

I just wanted to give a little shout out to my mamacita Susie Q.

I'm not sure if anyone has ever met her without immediately loving her. I know for me it was love at first sight.

A lot about my mother can be summed up in a little tale about dancer feet and french toast.

Susan J. Groesbeck has the most incredible feet you've ever seen. Ridiculously high arches that no doubt served her well when she was on the dance team, as well as the Glee Club at Highland High. I, as her semi-flat-footed daughter, have cursed whatever punnett square cheated me out of inheriting them on many occasions. One trait I did inherit, however, is her gasp. If you have spent any time with me at all, you unfortunately know what I'm referring to.

So anyway, one morning she was making some delicious french toast before school. She was carefully carting pieces of french toast from the griddle to our plates via small black spatula. On one trip she somehow lost control of the situation, and at this point everything became slow motion. The steaming piece of toast spun through the air towards the ground. My mother gasped. She stuck out her foot.

(this is not her foot but it could be)

And in a moment of homemakerly miracles, the french toast landed right on her big toe. Call me crazy but I swear it spun around for ten seconds before stopping there, perfectly perched with her polished toe poking through. All she said was, "I'll eat that one," and kept on making breakfast.

I tell this story to illustrate not only the ridiculous incidents she has created for our benefit, but also her sacrificial love. This woman doesn't know how not to constantly serve everyone around her. From teaching step aerobics to the ladies in our Stake at 5:45 AM, to going to Girl's Camp for ten years straight, to being the most animated grandma Gigi in the world, the woman is a rock star and an angel all at the same time.

I love her bunches and very much doubt I will ever be able to do half what she has done in her life, let alone catch breakfast foods with my feet.

Love you Gigi!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Eliane's Bakery

So this decision to try new things has taken a turn for the unhealthy. Somehow I find myself limited to a combination of fattening foods and absurd classes at the gym. While I have yet to try Aqua Cardio, I'm running out of options before that becomes necessary. At least it balances itself out though, right? In theory at least.

My latest food venture is ELIANE'S BAKERY. I've heard about this French bakery for quite some time. It's located on State Street right next to Expedx, and I kind of love how hideous it is. Holly berries still decorating the windows? Don't worry the inside is decorated with nothing but silk plants and the Arch de Triomphe painted on one wall.

The guy who owns it will greet you with a loud BONJOUR! And I'm honestly not sure he speaks English.

(unintentional french face by mme michelle)

Now since I've been to Europe and am cultured, I can tell you how much better French pastries are than American. Jk but really it was really really good. Just light and delicious and you should go there and eat something.

This was my favorite. Go eat it now!!

The job hunt continues. Sigh. Filled with good moments and bad moments. Some of the good ones included reading A River Runs Through It on the grassy knoll in the sun outside my house. The language is gorgeous, definitely lived up to the hype, and you can read it in an afternoon.

Some of the bad moments can be summed up in one I had last night, when I caught a glimpse of myself in the kitchen window at 1 AM, funfetti all over my fingers and yellow frosting smeared on my face. Ohh dear. Has it come to this?

If anyone has any ideas of things I can try that don't include food, I'm all ears. Spiral Jetty is on the list for tomorrow. We will be eating carrots as our snack.

Monday, 2 May 2011

couldn't have said it better myself.

Zuckerburg must be selling my info. How else could they peg my perfect man?

Sunday, 1 May 2011


What is this contraption, you ask?

Though it looks like a ventilated mini boxing glove, it is actually an invention known as BUBBLE NAILS, designed to help nail polish dry faster and be protected along the way. I have made fun of Danielle for owning these for quite some time. Now that I'm all about trying new things I decided I should try them out instead of teasing in ignorance.

My experiment consisted of two variables:
Variable 1: Un-bubbled fingers. My thumb and middle finger fell into this category.
Variable 2: Bubbled fingers. My pointer, ring, and pinky fingers make up this category.

I tested my theory by completing tasks I normally would. I g-chatted with Ryan and the fool had no idea!! I unloaded the dishwasher. I tried to do my hair but it was kinda hard.

The result? No noticeable difference between variables one and two. I can now make fun of Dani with peace of conscience.