Saturday, 2 April 2011


Those who go to BYU may have seen the recently installed creek that wraps around the south end of campus, the area formerly and colloquially referred to as rape hill. I'm not sure if that awful nickname is what inspired the renovation, but it is now quite a lovely place. This Friday marked the Ad Lab's first annual George Washington's Rape Hill Regatta, a day we (I) have dreamed about for many moons.

The idea was to build a fleet of boats out of materials that cost less than three George Washington's ($3) each and race them down. "Race" is a relative term, since the river moves at probably 2 mph. But the lazy pace and the 65 degree weather combined to make it the pleasantest of afternoons.

Umm this is my boat. Complete with percy/he-man captain and sparklers on the back.

Boat shoes were a must.

Not surprisingly Robbie Rane stole the show. I'm thinking I should start devoting my blog entirely to him.

This video is a little taste of the intensity. I was in first place THE WHOLE TIME until Jon's milkjug surpassed me at the last moment. Forgive the screams and Blair Witch Project camerawork.

The only problem with the grandiosity of Robbie's boat was that it got quite stuck in the tunnel on the first heat. Suffice it to say they spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get it out and here is the moment of rescue. Don't tell BYU.

I graduate college in three weeks, and doing things like the RHR are part of my denial concerning the fact that I will soon be schoolless and jobless. Stay tuned for more.


Anna Elizabeth said...

hahaha. oh how i love this.
graduation week. lets swim under this tunnel too. for celebration purposes.

Jessica and Ryan Toolson said...

HAHAHAHA!! Rebb that is so fun!! I didn't realize during the whole rescue video there was a guy back in there! Looks like you're having fun!

David said...

Pretty sure that is my He-Man Rebbie.

Brooke said...

shut up. this is AMAZING.