Sunday, 6 March 2011

What a difference a w, g and h make.

Often when I tell people I am a Copywriter there is a bit of confusion that ensues. I thought I would take this moment to clarify the issue.
Because I don't usually spell my title when I share it, people tend to confuse me with my much more sophisticated legal counterpart, the Copyrighter.

I will admit I'm not positive on this being the official job title, nor do I know exactly what the job entails, but I imagine it to be someone who uses this symbol a lot and brings justice to the world of plagiarism.

One time my sister in law told me she thought I should go to law school and study Copyright Law. While I appreciate her confidence in my intellect, what she doesn't know is that I spent the duration of the only law class I ever took designing swimsuits in my notebook for my nonexistent fashion line.

At best a copywriter will make people the across the globe Just Do It. They will cause you to wonder if you've got milk and buy anything from the man your man could smell like.

At worst they will word vomit things like "WE SUCK....FAT! Enlighten Lipo Center" on freeway billboards and make you wonder why anyone would ever, ever, ever intentionally go into the business of advertising.

I would die if I had to be a Copyrighter. I might die trying to be a Copywriter. I'm actually probably just being dramatic. Either way, now you know a little more about me since I don't talk about myself enough on this blog!


Andy said...

Did you see the Sizzler billboards on I-15 a few months ago? They made me want to swerve over the median.

Lonely souls, we copywriters.

Meg said...

it's the right place to do it. Utah...the billboard state.