Friday, 18 March 2011

might as well be strangers.

After being on vacation with my parents for a week, it has occurred to me that their approach to parenting my sister and myself has been entirely inconsistent. I always had a sneaking suspicion this was going on but it wasn't until this trip that my suspicions were confirmed.

It happened one day as we were driving in the car to watch a tennis match. (we've been here for the BNP PARIBAS OPEN, which I will no doubt talk about at some future point) Anyway, as we were driving I mentioned how I no longer believed I possessed the stamina to get a tan. This is good news to the parents, shows them that I am growing up and beginning to make responsible choices instead of living the idle lifestyle that maintaining a tan requires. Not two minutes after this conversation, however, my mother made a rule that Michelle couldn't use sunscreen for at least our first hour at the pool.
This is disconcerting for two reasons. One, because our mother is still making rules that have to do with sunscreen. Two, that the 'rule' goes entirely in opposition to all we had just decided was right. Right?
My Dad, however, agreed with the rule, saying that it was "time for michelle to re-awaken her melanocytes." (Apparently those are cells that take in sunshine, it's exhausting being the only one of us who is non medically educated)
The more we thought about it, the more discoveries we made.

When in Anthropologie:
(to michelle) "It's $398 dollars? Hmm, well it fits so great. I think we can get two of them."
(to rebbie) "How about we go check the sale rack?"

When about to go on a date:
(to michelle) "Just....kiss him!"
(to rebbie) "Remember who you are."

When partaking of any kind of food:
(to michelle) "Why don't you go ahead and finish it."
(to rebbie) "Haven't you eaten enough of that?"

Apparently it's true that good parents tailor their parenting to each individual child. I will say though, it attests to our relationship that we can discuss these issues openly and laugh about them. Here's to being an adult child of the coolest multi-focused parents I know.


Jessica and Ryan Toolson said...

HAHA Rebb!! I know EXACTLY how you feel. Trust me! This happens with me and Kim STILL! We're both married and don't even live close but yet when we're together and visiting home...the same things start! Got to love it huh...

mandi winterton said...

hahahaha! reb i love this. coming from parents who haven't changed a lick since parenting their first daughter through freshman year at timpview in 1994 this world is foreign to me. i still have the same "consequences to my actions" that we established at the high point of saved by the bell (mr belding years) and janet Jackson's rhythm nation. i wish my parents changed their parenting to the kid...and the times...and knew what anthropologie was.

Kellee Marie Cook said...

you are the funniest person I know. laughing way hard at my desk at work.

Brandon and Katie said...

Haha I love you. You talking about watching tennis and traveling is really making me crave a trip to palm springs or even st George!!!!! Mmm good times, good times!

danielle said...

i love you. get back here.

Rosie said...

You are hilarious. You know it is only because Michelle might need more help:) Don't tell her I said that...

Michelle and Brady said...

hahhahahah I LOVE THIS!!!