Tuesday, 8 March 2011

i am crying.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Proof that there are still some real geniuses in the world.


Cason and Marie said...

Millie and I just watched these and I'm dying of laughter. Millie was just staring with a blank stare, like really? Is this girl serious? hahahaha poor happiness! Why don't her parents tell her?

holli h. said...

that is freaking awesome. I am dying.

danielle stolworthy said...

bhahahaha why do all these hilarious things happen in your life after i go to bed??? oh, happiness

Jessica and Ryan Toolson said...

REBB!! You never fail to give me a great laugh! I was crying too! Love you!

Michelle and Brady said...

hahahahhahahhah YEEESSSS!!!!!!

Brooke said...

oh my gosh. I couldn't stop laughing for like five minutes after watching this. so amazing.

Brandon and Katie said...

okay why didn't i watch this sooner??? HAHAHAHAH parts of it actually reminds me of you dancing when it was just us girls- do you remember that? or maybe it was EFY & those boys doing that crazy dance move.. of course i can't remember what they called it. hahahaha i want to go have a dance party right now after seeing that. miss you!!