Tuesday, 8 February 2011

boys will be (teenage) boys

Alarmingly often I enter my cave of a bedroom at night and hear Dani's voice from somewhere in the dark:
"still going."
Her words are muffled by the sound of drums being played by our next door (male) neighbors. When I say next door I mean as in we share a wall. As in he might as well be banging his hand on the wall. Or maybe even hanging out in our bedroom banging on the wall. It is usually difficult to discern what they are playing, except for when they play Benny and the Jets for three hours.
On one such night I was in the living room studying as Dani emerged slowly from the basement, manic facial expression and hair askew.
She stood silent for a moment before banging three times on the wall and yelling "BENNY!"

Being the southern belle that she is, Danielle is too nice to say anything to these neighbors. Being the non-southern non-belle that I am, I walked right over to their apartment and down to their lair.
"Hey guys! It sounds really good :) :) :) Hey, so I don't mean to be a brat but my roommates both teach school in the morning and they'd really appreciate if you could maybe stop playing those drums right now."
"Oh, what?? You can hear this?"
"Yeah! Weird I know, but we kinda share that wall."
"Oh, I thought these were my quiet drums."

The shocking thing is, they were genuinely shocked.
Do quiet drums exist???


danielle stolworthy said...

I'm pretty sure they're plaing "that thing you do" right now. Thanks for being my voice rebbs. Good old band practice

Kerali said...

I love that thing you do! So funny. We used to have neighbors that played the drums all the time, until our next door neighbor called the city on them multiple times to complain hah poor guy

Benita said...

bahahaha that is the funniest thing ever!! I think I would die if I were you guys! My neighbors hardly ever make a peep, but when they do, I can hear perfectly. Couldn't imagine what it would be like with the band. Walls are thin.

Cason and Marie said...

Once again you are hilar! Haha some people these days are just not socially aware. I don't get it.

Just Another Girl said...

this post made me LOL

Kelsey said...

love this. and loved seeing you today. :)