Friday, 7 January 2011

the first shocking discovery of 2011.

This is a box of rags.

I know it looks like a bunch of diapers, but in reality it's a bunch of rags, one of the Christmas presents my Father gave to my Mother. No it wasn't a sexist insult, she really, genuinely can't get enough of these things. In fact, they have been a staple around our kitchen for as long as I can remember. They always look so perfectly sanitary while also being shockingly absorbent.

So before giving these 'gifts' to mother, of course father consulted Groesbeck Wrapping Co., an unofficial organization created by my sister and myself many years ago. (Yes, we made a commercial for ourselves and showed it to my family in the hopes of gaining gift-wrapping business. Do you think i chose the right career?) As we emptied the bag full of rags into the above pictured box, we encountered several disturbing objects, namely surgical tape and a syringe.


"Dad....where did you get those rags you're giving to Mom??"

And I am happy to report that my father is not, and never has been associated with doing drugs in the back alleys of Provo.

"At the always. We use them to soak up all the bloody guts and gore that spew out of patients during surgery."
ok maybe i exaggerated that a little bit but....
No wonder they are so absorbent.


Natalie said...

That is too funny :) Did your Mom know they were from the hospital?

Jane Anne and Colby said...

I love those rags!

susan said...

Official name: Lap pads. This assortment took my thoughtful husband 2 years to gather, as everyone in the Operating room scrounges for left over, clean, unused...I must add... 'rags'. They are simply the greatest.