Sunday, 23 January 2011


What is that creepy orange red glowing porch, you ask.
Could it be Provo's red light district?
Or maybe the insane asylum portion to a homemade haunted house?
No, folks. I regret to inform you it is actually a locally famous apartment known as the CHEETAH MANSION and I happen to have the honor of living there.

Why are all three of these cups a different height, you ask.

Why are all three cups a different shape?

Why is our ottoman broken? haha.

Why do we have 8,000 wedding announcements on our bulletin board?

Why are our stairs filthy when we got the carpets cleaned three weeks ago?

Why is there constantly a half eaten tub of funfetti frosting in the fridge?

I do believe it is because we are in COLLEGE.

And we are too poor/lazy (debatable) to buy a real light bulb so we use the anti-bug one we find in the basement. And we have a ghetto dishwasher that likes to melt our ugly brown cups into art projects. And Dani throws too many parties to keep the carpet clean. And all our friends are married. And because of that we have to eat frosting.

I admit I'm excited to get out but I admit even more that I kind of love College.


J&B Barrett said...

bahahahahahahahaha.... My dishwasher in college made our dishes smell like old milk.... SWEET

Tedwerd said...

this is the PERFECT video for you!

danielle stolworthy said...


"our red porch light makes us look like a slut house"
-leslie hiatt

eh, debatable.
i love our mansion.

p.s. i'm still sorry i stole the cup blog from you.

Tawni said...

HAHAHA! I love college! I love the mansion! And I love you guys!!! This was a great post rebbles :) miss you much!