Sunday, 28 November 2010

zit patch: fail

Sometimes I am a victim of delusion. I shall give you an example. is it ok to talk about zits online? ah well.
On Friday I started to feel an underground zit coming on. You know the ones that are massive, painful, and have a pulse of their own? Ugh.

So I found this in my drawer:

The "1-Hour Pimple Patch." Please notice that it is battery powered...? A combination of sheer desperation/curiosity came over me and I had to try it.

So, for the next few hours I lounged around with a giant white thing on my chin as the family made fun. Adults were amused, kids were confused.

Jack: "Rebbie, you have something on your chin."
Me: "I know Jack. You don't know now but someday when you're older, you'll get zits. Do you know what those are?"
Jack: (blank stare)
Me: "'s when you get red things on your face that hurt real bad and injure your self confidence"
And little Jack ran away.

Suffice it to say that the Pimple Patch did not work as well as delusion made me think it would. Defeated, I removed it after the allotted hour and we went off to lunch. Whilst we were enjoying a delicious meal, brother in law Jeff noticed something white and ineffective on sister Amy's sleeve. Lo n' behold, THE ZIT PATCH, tagging along for lunch!!! Jeff's reaction? "Awesome. Now there's a zit on your shirt." But don't worry Aims, he's kidding. It's still residing safely on my face.

Lesson learned I guess, life's trials are never so easily resolved. I did just get a new thing of face wash though, and look what came with?

I'mma bring it with me next time I play Sports.


danielle stolworthy said...

on the shirt at lunch.
man, that's just great.

Julianne said...

um. nothing worse!
and i totally find random things in my drawers from like 9th grade and try them out every once in awhile! they never work. and don't ever think about trying old self tanner..even for your legs.

Michelle and Brady said...

hahahahhahahha I love that! Reg i totally find things like that all the time that are totally old hahah! Lan i agree on old self tanner!