Wednesday, 17 November 2010

always be her baby.

It has been quite the stressful few weeks, and I felt inspired to give a shout out to the one person who has been there for me through it all.
If this woman doesn't scream indomitable spirit and unfailing confidence, I don't know what does.
Remember Daydream? First CD I ever bought.
And how can we forget Rainbow? I have a feeling this was the last successful mainstream rainbow-wearing.
I remember driving to Lake Powell with all my cousins and dancing our hearts out. I still remember wanting to be my cousin Lisa and know every word, and I can say with pride that at least I have accomplished and maintained the last part of that goal. Yeah, it's like that ya'all.
Mariah has played a vital role in the woman I am today. Or at least the woman I am inside my head.
Mariah rocks windblown hair like no one else.
She can catfight herself and no one cares.
She changes body shape & size daily and we barely notice anymore.
She can marry a man 10 years her junior and get PREGNANT WITH HIS BABY!!! (yes, baby cannon is expected next spring)
She can be 40 years old without even realizing it.
She can write awful lyrics like, "you're a mom & pop, I'm a corporation, I'm the press conference, you're a conversation" and i'll still sing (shout) them from my shower or car.
Some may peg her confidence as delusional, but I find it inspiring. Mariah, we belong together. And all I want this November 17th is YOU.


Katie said...

This is hilarious. Love it.

T. Hoyt said...

rebbie...this better not be a joke! you know me and mimi are tight!

danielle stolworthy said...

ok, you've inspired me. i'll be busting out mariah on my way to work today.
love you.
thanks for setting expectations for me in my life. like, making me shower and wanting me to at least look at another boy.

Annie said...


Amanda said...

so true, so so true!

Laura C said...

haha I love it. I definitely used to bring my bright purple walkman on the bus, pop in a Mariah cassette and belt "Fantasy" for the whole ride home. Take that, sixth graders in the back.

adam and jess clark said...

her heartbreaker single is the first cd i ever bought. i have a special place in my heart for mariah carey

Cassandra said...

hhahaha I found your blog through Megs Ham.... the title sucked me in. I am glad you love MC as much as I do. Music Box was the first album I ever bought- on cassette- and her Christmas album is the only one I crave. She'll always be a part of me... indefinitely.

Chad Whatcott said...

Let's Talk....