Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I'm no Twitter expert. In fact sometimes I find myself tweeting 7 times in one day and then 7 times the whole next month. It's definitely a love/hate thing and I think the general public finds it frankly quite mystifying or simply pointless.
I have recently become aware of something quite alarming.
I do believe that the award for having the most followers for the stupidest reason goes to:
(i know, i know i talk about this show a lot. i have no dignity.)
My first find was when my friend tweeted @ALIFEDOTOWSKY. Background pic is (what else?) she and Roberto hand in hand.

I mean...I guess I'm bitter that I had to earn my 162 followers by tweeting witty bits of 140 character goodness while she just gives @deannapappas and @designerjillian shoutouts about their next fashion show and has 55,580!!! Ugh.

( looks like being a 'helpless romantic' has done wonders for her television personality career)

I guess I thought it took some level of accomplishment or sophistication to garner over 30,000 followers. I mean, I hate to break it to you Ali, but falling in love with Roberto was in reality not that difficult of a task. In fact BILLIONS of girls did the same thing at home without even putting on makeup. Not to mention that one dress you wore that had the rhinestone choker.

Seriously though once you find one of these ex-bachelors in the twittersphere you can hansel and gretel your way to every other single one. Ever. They're like real, live, social network narcissist bffs!

One of my favorite finds was Tenley.

Curse the day my love life becomes part of my twitterbio! Bless her heart tho.
How presh are she and kip? I'm not even being completely sarcastic about this. So much niceness in one couple it's insane. But...

I won't say anything.

I feel sorry for people who have nothing better to do than this...

I guess incessantly blogging about the bachelor to prove you don't like it could fit under the same category. Dang it.

Just one more thing and i'm done. Brad Womack? Really?


Julianne said...

totally. deanna's fiance is twins with the guy from jillians season who is also engaged to a girl that was on the bachelor like 1235455009 seasons ago. i have to stay away--bugs.

and brad womack? gross.

Shelb and Ry said...

Thank you for giving me a good laugh! Love this. I am a bach fan for sure but I don't follow any of them (yet!) I think it's too entertaining to resist. You are hilarious.


Benita said...

i just found your blog and i couldn't be more happy about it. love it.

Rosie said...

I love the bach updates. I know I can count on you.