Thursday, 7 October 2010

top bunk

I am the mistress of the top bunk.
I wish I could say it was because I had some character-building childhood where I always had to share a room and had since developed a love for this particular sleeping arrangement. No, instead I waited until I was an adult and could pay for the chance to sleep at a higher altitude.

It all started my sophomore year when Betsy and I moved into this awesome place called Chandelle. We had this orphan room, seriously standing room only. So we thought long and hard--what would make it so we both could fit in here?

I thought I'd heard the top one was the better end of the deal, so I dibsed that real quick. I was smart too, cause the foot and a half of space between her mattress and mine was impossible to access without pulling a catherine-zeta-jones-in-entrapment move. Being the feisty individual that she is, Bets called her dad to come put dowels in between our beds. Good news for her, HEAD ON THE CEILING FOR ME. I literally could not sit on my bed without getting scoliosis. In order to get up there I had to fetch the hardware ladder out of my parents' garage and stick it in our room. Every time I climbed up, the whole structure shook so badly she either yelled at me in her sleep or woke up altogether.
The next semester we forced Brie and Ker to switch us rooms. They took the bunk beds apart. There was plenty of space in that stupid room.

Since then I have come to dominate the top bunk, in various locations all over the world. From New York, to London, to Paris, to Scotland, to right here in our very own Provo, Utah, I have graced it with my sleepy presence. All I can do is express my gratitude for the stellar bunkmates who have gotten me through these times.

In its defense, there's something adrenaline inducing about ninja climbing my way up to the top bunk while the roommate is asleep. I also find it strangely charming to be awakened with a jolt of gravity as I tumble down every morning. Life on the top has been good to me and I do believe I've grown rather attached to it. In fact, I'm not sure when it could possibly come to an end. Someone reminded me that maybe it will happen when i'm married? Maybe he'll have to deal with it.


Billy Reano said...

love the post. You can take my top bunk any day.

Kellee Marie Cook said...

I'm a top bunk kind of gal myself. So while we both appreciate the bunk bed and its practicality, not sure if we could ever share one. but at least we can relate.

Kerali said...

Oh those days in Chandelle. What a great experience we had. So many ideas for that basement room and we never utilized it hha theatre, study room, yeah it just became the junk room. I miss living with you Reb! Loved roommate dinners and those random vegetarian meals Brie would make, and remember that glass thing that shattered downstairs? Yeah, what was that? The beds were classic tho, there was no way we were attempting that, it looked way too dangerous and so unstable hah Miss you!!

danielle stolworthy said...

we could always buy a queen and transition you into married life...

i don't know. we'll talk about it tonight in our bunk bed. you on top, of course and me on bottom because i'm selfish.