Monday, 13 September 2010

another one bites the dust

sometimes i feel weird about being the last of my graduating class who's still single. it's kind of like when i was the last to get asked to prom, only way worse.
but then i remember that once i got asked to prom, i got asked TWICE!! in one night!!!!
i'm not really sure how to interpret this, but i think it means there's a bright, double light at the end of the tunnel. or maybe just that i'm the next contestant on the MORMON BACHELORETTE.


alison said...

that mormon bachelorette thing is horrifying.

danielle stolworthy said...

hmm. if everything goes well on mormon bachelorette, i'd be just fine taking on season 2.

two people proposing in one night? this would be quite the AWESOME dilemma!

hey, your blog is on army time. thought you should know, sergeant.

Sarah Orme said...

I'm upset that you claim to be the last. I still exist. And I'm still as unmarried as ever. A toast to those who will be alone during the 5th reunion.

Michelle and Aaron Darais said...

haha I love you! You should move to arizona...everyone can't believe I'm ALREADY married at 21 and that I ONLY dated for 2 YEARS!

McKell + Garrett Hartle said...

You are so cute. I love your blog. Look on the bright least you went to prom. I never went to one high school dance and I was one of the first of our class married right out of high school... be happy. date around. Love. Laugh. Enjoy single life and the right guy will come along.

kylie nixon said...

she's just looking for her roberto... can you blame her? i just hope that whoever she finds has a sweaty upper lip and looks good in a baseball uniform.

lovellzzz youz.