Tuesday, 31 August 2010

the consequence of boredom.

as many of you know, i spend the large majority of my waking hours in the byu ad lab. as many of you don't know, our unofficial logo/mascot is this:
strange i guess but there you have it, a symbol of our infantile yet brilliant minds.
this one time i was really bored. and really tired of being really bored. and i had this idea and knew andy would be on board.
so we made a little present for our commander in chief jeff. it's our mascot, the lovechild of mr. laugenour and myself, and the embodiment of our unofficial motto: "IDEAS, BABY!"

isn't she beautiful?


Sarah Orme said...

So creepy. and yet so funny.

My emotions are so torn right now.

Mrs. Ham said...

ok call me crazy.. i was clicking here and clicking there and before i know it i'm on this blog- i've heard your name a dozen times and have never met you (good things might i add) so i find your blog and seriously just kept reading post after post all the way back to people who stalk blogs and then i felt dumb! ha so i'll become a follower cause i truly enjoyed your blog and might i say you're talented and hilarious! please don't find me creepy haha! i think i just got so interested because we know a lot of the same people and my hubs (tanner) is in the ad program at byu- anyways i'll stop blabbering now! nice to meet you!

Jane said...

I. Love. You.