Tuesday, 31 August 2010

the consequence of boredom.

as many of you know, i spend the large majority of my waking hours in the byu ad lab. as many of you don't know, our unofficial logo/mascot is this:
strange i guess but there you have it, a symbol of our infantile yet brilliant minds.
this one time i was really bored. and really tired of being really bored. and i had this idea and knew andy would be on board.
so we made a little present for our commander in chief jeff. it's our mascot, the lovechild of mr. laugenour and myself, and the embodiment of our unofficial motto: "IDEAS, BABY!"

isn't she beautiful?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

digital pda

let me preface this by saying that i am fully supportive of people being ridiculously, senselessly, giddily in love...

i'm just not sure how much more of this i can take :);):D!!!

call me 22 and SiNgLe, but do you have to share your love for each other via the internet??
haha it's like sooo weird :) how we can't just tell each other in person!!!

srsly, i think i might DIE if i see one more sappy wall post :):):) :D!!

and like, i'm just wondering if you have :D his phone number so you could :):) call him and tell him you love him?!?! :)

....as long as it takes place OFF the internet.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Welp, i splurged. And what a lovely week it was.

Just had to report on a few things I did in case anyone is in nyc and needs something to splurge on.

First, if you or any part of you enjoys jazz, you MUST go see some at VILLAGE VANGUARD in the West village.

I'm not sure what it is about jazz...I really don't know the first thing about it, but it kind of makes me purr. I was always being accused of being a closet jazz pianist by my fellow Flying Nancys. I think maybe I like it because when I listen to it, I imagine myself looking like this.

Anyway, the place is legit, bunch of old dudes, one of whom wore this red silk shirt and closed his eyes every time he touched his sax. Only $20 bucks if you're a student. GO!

Second thing was seeing MEMPHIS. I stood in line to get student tickets three days in a row and finally got em. My dear friend Charlotte and I went and were on the absolute first row of the theater, aka underneath the orchestra pit.

(she doesn't usually look drunk. haha)

We were thoroughly damp with their sweat and spit by the end, but it was so worth it. To give you an idea of how awkwardly close I was, here is a pic I snuck at the end. We stood up to applaud and my nose was in this guy's knee caps. Weird.

My (favorite) calorie splurge came in the form of ALICE'S TEACUP for brunch. The place is amazing, they do birthday parties for little girls with dressups and everything. You must eat the pumpkin scones. Don't ask me why I didn't take a picture, but I went with three lovely ladies who I adore.

My roomies had a little fiesta on our rooftop on the last night I was in town and it was so great. Ellie even wore her denim jumpsuit for me, courtesy of the Brooklyn Flea--another thing you must splurge on if you are in the area.

Sad to think I won't see these people for a while. Chad is going to miss me so much. Can't you see it on his face?

Lest you think my life is all fun and food, delta made my flight out an absolute nightmare. They charged me $115 DOLLARS to check my overweight bag, which might I add was overweight when I left and Jet Blue didn't say a word. Our 7 pm flight was delayed until 12:20 am...then 1:40 am...then 2:30 am. Blah!!!! I don't think I have ever been so helplessly furious.

So now I'm home, and it is strange. Silent. Can't decide if it's peaceful or isolated. It has been so lovely to see people and I have been strangely really busy. And sick. And exhausted. Today it's off to Bear Lake with the whole fam and the babies!!! I really can't complain but I think I'd like to just sit in my bed for a day. And I'm sorry for this boring post but I felt like nyc deserved one last shout out.

As for the Etta James...she has been the soundtrack of my summer. I'd give anything for those pipes!