Sunday, 16 May 2010

creative maintenance here at the i-house.

so i mentioned the other day that my window shattered, but was hastily repaired. "repaired" turned out to be a loose term, as my window still didn't shut all the way, resulting in a significant draftiness in my room. pretty refreshing until one night when it was freeeeeeezing and rainy. after hours of not being able to sleep, i finally came up with the genius solution of stuffing all my books and journals into the window crack. the next morning i talked to the front desk about the problem, got a space heater and filled out another repair ticket. later that day i got back to my room and this is what i found:

with the accompanying note:

"removable tape. place on the window until weather gets better."


i'm just glad they didn't use that permanent tape, then the problem really would've been solved. anyway, this little episode made my day.

have i mentioned that i love it here? maybe someday i'll blog about all the good things that happen to me. for now let's keep it interesting though eh? happy sabbath to all.


cate said...

you make me so excited to get out there. stay all summer with me!!!

Chelsey said...

hahahaha. I LOVE that note. One time, my mom honked at a guy for whizzing in front of her in a parking lot and taking two empty spaces. When she came out of the store later on, in the most juvenile of handwriting, there was a note on her window that said, "I sorry, I not see you." We've guilted her for years.