Thursday, 4 February 2010


hello friends!
so a momentous occasion occurred in my life recently. no it doesn't have to do with marriage or children, but it is equally exciting in my world. now exists! currently it looks like something a cleaning company owned by immigrants would use but hey, i'm working on it. just had to share the excitement. my really stuff should be up by monday. prayers that i will live until that time would be appreciated.


Holli said...

awwww yeah!

alexismunoadyer said...

ok since i hate anonymous readers i will comment.

you are adorable. and your ad stuff is genius. your blog title is my favorite. love it.

Hope all is well in your life!

brown eyed girl said...

Ditto to the comment about anonymous readers.

Congrats on getting your portfolio and everything DONE! Try and get some sleep this week :).

The Smiths said...


I just saw the link to your blog on my sister, Mindy's blog. I hope you don't mind that I checked it out. Can I be a reader of your blog? I love what you have written--made me laugh and smile the whole time. Also, here's the link to our blog if you are ever interested: It's nothing great, but a place to store photos and vent sometimes. :) Take care!

Your cousin, Becky Smith