Saturday, 20 February 2010

the man behind the mctwist.

what sometimes happens when you are poor is that you can't pay for cable television. this is a sacrifice i barely notice i'm making, until of course it's OLYMPICS TIME. bahhh.
i'm just grateful for a little thing called the internet. because of this, i can now read about everything after it happens. because who wants to waste time watching in real time right??

when i heard about shaun white's "spectacular gold medal run," of course i start youtubing the heck out of him. to my dismay, nbc is being quite catty about it's footage ownership and there was basically NOTHING to be found. i did, however, find fragments of this 'double mctwist' trick that has gathered so much hype. 3 hours later, i emerged with a newfound knowledge of the man. (thank you wikipedia).

first things first though, i know we've all thought it but how much exactly is mcdonald's paying for this 'mctwist?' i can just hear it: (insert cheesy young male ad voice) "when it comes to your breakfast, go for the gold!! eat breakfast the SHAUN WHITE way. now for a limited time only, get your hot and steamy double mctwist. only at mcdonald's"

second of all...can i admit that i'm slightly...dare i say it...attracted to the man?
(back me up sarah, quick!!!)

can you blame me? i mean what sensible woman doesn't love a 5 foot 3 red headed man?
ok wait. maybe attracted isn't the right word. am i....fascinated? intrigued...? ...mystified?
maybe it's because, as my friend jake accused the other day, i find him 'socially useful.' i guess he would be socially useful, if i were 5 feet tall and had put on snow gear in the past 5 years.
or if i were...pam anderson?

i'm confused.

anyway, i believe i deserve the right to enjoy a man with some hair i can put my fingers through, be it whatever color it may.

on a more selfless note, i hope that the double mctwister 12746 can do good things for redhead's rights. it's about time they got someone in the limelight, geez.
it seems that my understanding of their species is increasing by the day. my beauuuutiful red headed roommate mary jane informed me the other day that when two redheads are walking, supposedly they make a special kind of eye contact. i guess it's one of those "we're the only ones who understand" things. i feel like maybe their eyes change color or shape too. anyway, next time you see two redheads pass each other, know that there is more happening than meets the eye.

so i guess what i'm trying to say is, go america, go redheads, go nbc. the olympics truly are some of the most goosebumpish times of my life. i hope you all enjoy vancouver 2010 and let me know how it goes.


Kristen said...

Dearest Rebbie...

1) You are attracted to him because he is attractive. He's hot.

2) He's 5'9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) I'm coming to sleepover at the candy shoppe soon.

Brooke said...

pahaha rebbie this just made me laugh for a good five minutes. love it.

The Smiths said...

We don't have cable either, and our digital TV for some reason doesn't pick up NBC very often. So, I too have been left to the internet to satisfy my Olympics cravings. When else do you get excited about stuff like the biathlon, ice dancing, and skeleton than during the Olympics? (I still haven't figured out curling--my husband and I tried the other night--no luck; so I don't get excited about that "sport").

Scott Stevens said...

I keep trying to grow my hair so that you can run your fingers through it, but then you keep telling me to cut it. I'm confused what you really want from me

Chelsey said...

Where's Sarah when you need her? Reb, he is NOT attractive (in a face kind of way). Talented, yes. I can't wait for you to get a boyfriend who you can run your fingers through his red McTwisties.