Friday, 26 February 2010

it's official.

two months from today i will be an indentured servant of the lovely OGILVY & MATHER. i feel incredibly lucky to be going to such an amazing agency. thank you thank you to my amazing professors who work so hard to get us in these places!

i found some pictures on the interweb, at least i think this is the right office. they just moved to a new building so i'm not sure. probably won't look like this from my intern desk anyway but hey, i can dream.

how amazing is that? i go between being nervous and excited out of my brain. either way, these next two months need to fly by...

p.s. our levi's commercial won a silver addy the other night! so exciting. we got all cocktail-ified and piled in two huge vans to go up to the gala in salt lake. we ate all sorts of rich food and drank sprite from the open bar. it was great :) pictures possibly to come.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

the man behind the mctwist.

what sometimes happens when you are poor is that you can't pay for cable television. this is a sacrifice i barely notice i'm making, until of course it's OLYMPICS TIME. bahhh.
i'm just grateful for a little thing called the internet. because of this, i can now read about everything after it happens. because who wants to waste time watching in real time right??

when i heard about shaun white's "spectacular gold medal run," of course i start youtubing the heck out of him. to my dismay, nbc is being quite catty about it's footage ownership and there was basically NOTHING to be found. i did, however, find fragments of this 'double mctwist' trick that has gathered so much hype. 3 hours later, i emerged with a newfound knowledge of the man. (thank you wikipedia).

first things first though, i know we've all thought it but how much exactly is mcdonald's paying for this 'mctwist?' i can just hear it: (insert cheesy young male ad voice) "when it comes to your breakfast, go for the gold!! eat breakfast the SHAUN WHITE way. now for a limited time only, get your hot and steamy double mctwist. only at mcdonald's"

second of all...can i admit that i'm slightly...dare i say it...attracted to the man?
(back me up sarah, quick!!!)

can you blame me? i mean what sensible woman doesn't love a 5 foot 3 red headed man?
ok wait. maybe attracted isn't the right word. am i....fascinated? intrigued...? ...mystified?
maybe it's because, as my friend jake accused the other day, i find him 'socially useful.' i guess he would be socially useful, if i were 5 feet tall and had put on snow gear in the past 5 years.
or if i were...pam anderson?

i'm confused.

anyway, i believe i deserve the right to enjoy a man with some hair i can put my fingers through, be it whatever color it may.

on a more selfless note, i hope that the double mctwister 12746 can do good things for redhead's rights. it's about time they got someone in the limelight, geez.
it seems that my understanding of their species is increasing by the day. my beauuuutiful red headed roommate mary jane informed me the other day that when two redheads are walking, supposedly they make a special kind of eye contact. i guess it's one of those "we're the only ones who understand" things. i feel like maybe their eyes change color or shape too. anyway, next time you see two redheads pass each other, know that there is more happening than meets the eye.

so i guess what i'm trying to say is, go america, go redheads, go nbc. the olympics truly are some of the most goosebumpish times of my life. i hope you all enjoy vancouver 2010 and let me know how it goes.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

baby susie allen

i'm not sure exactly how to start this...i know a lot of you have been aware of baby susie's story but i thought i would fill in some of the missing details.

my oldest sister has been pregnant, due sometime mid-march. in november as i was sitting on the beach in florida like the slacker i wish i was, i got a phone call from her telling me their baby had complications and wouldn't end up living through the pregnancy. the baby didn't have kidneys, which created a few problems with the baby's lungs and heart. there also was no amniotic fluid, which meant they couldn't tell what gender the baby was. after the initial disbelief, my sister and her family began preparing for the upcoming months, not exactly sure what they would bring. it was incredible to watch them gain a new perspective on life and the plan of salvation.

on february 6th, i got a phone call saying my sister was in the hospital, dilated to a 3 and having steady contractions. at this point my parents were in hawaii, i was the only member of my family within hundreds of miles and my blasted portfolio was flying off to nyc in 36 HOURS. of course i rushed over to the hospital and got there just in time to see my beautiful sister before they delivered the baby via c-section.

the nurse suited me up and let me come into the OR right after SHE was born!! they gave her oxygen and we brought her in to meet her mama. i can't express what a beautiful time it was so at this point i'll leave it up to the pictures.

me and sister

pinky fingernail is always the best

oh hey, i look 12 when my make-up has been cried off

tiny 4 lb susie. so pretty and so small.

dad and susie

giving her a name and a blessing

susie with older sister sadie.

as expected, my parents were devastated to miss the 3 incredible hours we spent with their granddaughter (who was named after my mother). but thanks to technology they were able to hear her little noises through the phone and to see her on HD video! so amazing. we also got to talk to michelley bells on the mission in ecuador. it's nice to have a father-in-law who works for the missionary department :) (i may attempt abusing that privilege every time i see him from here on out) more importantly, all the allen children were able to meet their baby sister and hold her and love her.

we held funeral services for susie yesterday. thank you thank you to everyone who showed up or gave your love or prayers on any level. i assure you they were felt. at times like this there is nothing to be felt but gratitude for the perspective the gospel brings. i am in awe of the peace my sister and her family have felt through the whole process. of course there will be mourning ahead. it would be absurd to think there wouldn't. but it's also been an incredible experience for my family. wonderful to see the church members extend their ridiculously expansive arms and embrace any and all who were affected. how blessed are we to be a part of this, honestly?

speaking of blessings. i have no idea why i was the one who got to be there with my sister. but it is a memory i will keep in my heart forever. i am profoundly grateful i was able to share that with her. thank you again to everyone for your kindness. thank you to my roomies for the beautiful flowers. thank you to everyone in room 140 brmb for not asking why i've been the way i've been lately :) thank you byu bookstore for the 8 lbs of chocolate covered cinnamon bears i've consumed in the last two weeks.

it's amazing how sad life can be and yet we still can be happy. i'm not sure why honestly. or how. but i know great faith goes a long way.

thank you for listening to me be optimistic. by next post the cynicism will possibly have returned. also. remains a nightmare. sometimes your website has to take a backseat on the priority list.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


hello friends!
so a momentous occasion occurred in my life recently. no it doesn't have to do with marriage or children, but it is equally exciting in my world. now exists! currently it looks like something a cleaning company owned by immigrants would use but hey, i'm working on it. just had to share the excitement. my really stuff should be up by monday. prayers that i will live until that time would be appreciated.