Monday, 4 January 2010

on the wings of love!!!

if my career as a copywriter ever ends in me writing taglines like the title of this post, please shoot me.
I AM IN SHOCK. i am in awe, and in somewhat of a state of despair at what i apparently have to do in order to find myself a nice, strapping young bachelor.
in the picture below i find 7 counts of fried blond extensions, at least 12 chest-related plastic surgeries, 1 really bad dancer and 1 cambodian dirty-talker.

these poor girls!! i mean really, there's no chance they've had trouble getting men in the past is there? with cleavage like that, i believe i would be capable of great things. but let's not forget who they are competing for...

k fine he's beautiful.

the "perfect" guy, every girl dreams of. except, of course, those of us who like people with personalities. weird.
here is a direct jake quote:

"I love salsa dancing. Country dancing on a Thursday night in Dallas is really fun, too. (wait, i swear i've seen him at that place across from ozz...or maybe studio 600?) I enjoy working with my hands, creating or building something, landscaping and doing garden work. Even if a woman didn't enjoy doing the things that I do, I would want her to be a part of them because I love them so much."

indeed you must love them jake! in fact, i believe we saw you lumberjacking around shirtless in some back country vineyard for hours tonight. what a coincidence. i appreciate his purity, i really do. i just...might tear him to shreds.

so if you're interested in learning more about him, such as the fact that he played a young chuck norris in WTR, you can visit the ULTIMATE fan site at

as for me, i think i'll do my best to swear off this season and satisfy myself by dreamily scribbling 'rebbie pavelka' in my notebooks.