Tuesday, 22 December 2009

silent stalkerz.

so i think it's a little strange how often i see people and they say, "hey i read your blog and...."
without ever commenting or letting me know that they are bloggeroggering too.
if you simply COMMENT or better yet, click 'FOLLOW' about one inch to the right of these words i can follow you too and we can be internet bffs.
all i'm asking is for a chance to stalk you back.
sound good? thanks everyone and happy holidays!

p.s. anyone seen my family's christmas card this year? we are really proud of mother for not repeating this.


Julianne said...

i stalk you. every time you update!

Brittany said...

I have to admit a few things.

1. I stalk your blog and don't think I've commented yet...sorry.
2. I hear that ALL the time. It's not that I'm needing comments, but it's nice to know that people actually do read my blog.

Anyways, I'm coming out of the stalking closet officially and announcing, that I read Rebbie's blog.

There I said it. It feels so good. :)

Hayley (and Kyle) said...

I've gotten that a lot too!

hey I'm not ashamed. I stalk rebbie. :)

Billy Reano said...

you talk the talk, but do you stalk the stalk?

I have NO clue what that means, but merry christmas and remember that the wisemen were stalkers (not really, but kinda...)

kylie said...


Lisa said...

I do blog stalk you, but at least I have admitted it right? However, I am not a blogger myself so there is no reciprocity here... sorry. Also, you can check out my cute friends NYC blog at chiggidycheck.blogspot.com

Brandon and Katie said...

Stalker right here. Don't be mad please. Love you! Merry Christmas

Britt Linde said...

i frequent your blog. youre gr8!

oh great i just said gr8. oh well. lylas ttyl k thx bye.

Dani Stolworthy said...

blog stalker

ian said...


kylie said...

so i feel like a creeper, but yes, i am a blog stalker, and i promise i'm not a creeper. i do like your blog a lot, though. :)

Bad Grammar - Good Design said...

I know that I'm guilty of this one. So heres my comment - I love your blog, its way funny!