Tuesday, 8 December 2009

levi's commercial shoot

so we're putting the finishing touches on one of our projects for my commercial productions class. i have been so excited to put it up on my bloggerr but it's taking foreeeever to get all the final editing done! i decided to give a sneak peek...

jameson's beard is FANTASTIC. it was a tragedy we had to hide it.

the lovely liz teran, everyone.

the infamous bear head

playing with our props

me getting serious with our director jake. he is amazing.

i'm sorry but few things in life make me happier than this photo.

the final product is on it's way. get excited :)


Holli said...

oh la la!

Chelsey said...

Stop it. There is something about these photos that makes me green with envy. Oddly that bear head makes your life look really glamorous.

Jordyn said...

I really am so psyched to see it Rebbicita!! How do you be so rockin?

Cason and Marie said...

YEs! i have been waiting for an explanation on this head. hahaha. can't wait