Saturday, 26 December 2009


the other day in my place of work, someone was using spray adhesive to mount a project. i couldn't help but recall flashbacks of terror (you know, like on blindside) at what we on dance company used to use it for. suffice it to say that dance costumes cannot ever be trusted to stay where they are originally placed. thus, large doses of spray adhesive were required to maintain a flash-free performance. PAINFUL.

then i got thinking about how absolutely ridiculous every dance costume i ever wore was. i mean seriously, i'm paying $200 for this sequined pirate suit? not ok.

then i remembered the days of the quarternotes, where you payed a mere $5 for ALL your costumes, each semester. those of you, and i'm guessing it's a lot, who ever took from Colleen Collins Smith know EXACTLY what i'm talking about.

let it be known these were some of the most fun dance years of my life...they're also reallllly funny.

Colleen Collins Smith ran a dance studio out of good old THS. i'm not sure how old she is, but she has a large black beehive hairdo, which i'm sure could be used for some type of carbon dating. i'm not sure if she ever talks without yelling, and she used to scream "READY!!!!!!!" to my utter horror, as i commonly thought she was yelling my name. she wears black all the time and is passionate about two things. ok maybe three: old school choreography, all things disney, and her grandkids. if by chance, you happen to be her grandchild, who makes it at Disney, doing oldschool choreography, you have seriously arrived!! yes, her beloved offspring run the show--aunts, uncles, cousins, pets, babies, as long as they can sport a cummerbund and sequins, WE'LL USE EM ALL!

every dance has some type of theme, like "butterfly kisses" by meatloaf or "my heart will go on" from titanic. every dance has a leader in front, and this spot is (obviously) usually occupied by a grandchild. one time, jess reichman and i were lucky enough to be the leaders of GHOSTBUSTERS. white garbage bags and all, we rocked that dance (the running man being the base step).

my favorite steps are:
the "double 9": a type of running, turning hitchkick.
the axle: for this one, basically any jump in which one arm acts as a helicopter blade over your head could be considered an axle.
the stag is really good too. oh, if only i weren't to lazy to film and post myself doing all these steps...
other dance-specific phrases are good too, i.e. "second, fifth, second, COOL" and "pop-burst, pop-pop-burst" and "GRAB YOUR FOOT. AND HOP. IN A CIRCLE!"

ahhh and then there was tour. every year, after performing in dumps like the eldred elderly center and the timpview auditorium, we'd escape to the big stages of every amusement park in southern california. for a week we'd caravan from park to park, gracing them with our stellar song and dance. anyone remember the name of that haunted ship we'd visit? sweatiest, hungriest, funnest days of my whole life.

below are the lovely $5 costume pictures. i'm sorry there are so many but i simply couldn't resist. our required base clothing was white ballet shoes, white tights and a white leotard. i still remember the confusion when i went into danceworks asking for this. "white what???" i will refrain from identifying myself in each of these pictures, for obvious reasons. but i bet if you look closely you'll spot a whole bunch of ladies you know....

yes, they came to a point on the end. and is it me or is the girl on the top left 7 feet tall?

you know, from the nutcracker. only we performed it in may. note the white undergarments...treated oddly as normal garments.

uncle doug hobbled around as quasimodo for this one.

crushed velvet and sequins. i waited for YEARS to be in this dance.

finally, we've graduated to toast colored tights. over our white ones.

yes, ellery and i were the leaders who got to wear the special hats. our specific instructions were to "flunk the eyelashes."

yes i was a butterfly, prematurely put on pointe shoes. can you tell two on the left are? bahaha.

oh....there are no words. how mother? how could you let this happen to me???

but then i remember that it didn't stop with colleen. that bad costumes are simply something you have to deal with. like our lamanite costumes, shown below. i laughed for 12 minutes straight when i found this!!!
let it be known, we knew even then it was awful. some crazy photographer came and this is what happened.

it seems to have been the year of the crotch-frame. if you can get past my terrifying pose there in the middle, you will see me at the top middle, framing my crotch. half of me at least, the scanner wasn't big enough for this horrid thing. to do it full justice, you may have to enlarge the picture.

anyway, i'm sure i have now rambled sufficiently. if anyone's up for big show this spring, i'm so there.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

silent stalkerz.

so i think it's a little strange how often i see people and they say, "hey i read your blog and...."
without ever commenting or letting me know that they are bloggeroggering too.
if you simply COMMENT or better yet, click 'FOLLOW' about one inch to the right of these words i can follow you too and we can be internet bffs.
all i'm asking is for a chance to stalk you back.
sound good? thanks everyone and happy holidays!

p.s. anyone seen my family's christmas card this year? we are really proud of mother for not repeating this.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

and the addy goes to...

i never want to watch this ever again. but i really hope you like it! happy finals being over!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

levi's commercial shoot

so we're putting the finishing touches on one of our projects for my commercial productions class. i have been so excited to put it up on my bloggerr but it's taking foreeeever to get all the final editing done! i decided to give a sneak peek...

jameson's beard is FANTASTIC. it was a tragedy we had to hide it.

the lovely liz teran, everyone.

the infamous bear head

playing with our props

me getting serious with our director jake. he is amazing.

i'm sorry but few things in life make me happier than this photo.

the final product is on it's way. get excited :)