Wednesday, 11 November 2009


so i went to FLORIDA over the weekend to visit my beautiful amiga katie and play with the married bfs.
we sat around, ate lots of food and acted like life wasn't happening. some of my favorite moments involved 'flying snoopy aces,' running on the beach at sunset and sitting on the side of the freeway for 3 hours when our 1993 dodge dakota broke down.
i also, as the only single, enjoyed carrying suitcases and groceries for people. apparently when you get married you forget how to do these things. just kidding girls, i love you :) someday my husband will be my slave too.

it was so much fun i didn't even take pictures! luckily, marie did. she is a great photographer and such a dear friend. if you want to see some white chicks in bathing suits, (and the AMAZING house we stayed at) you should look at them.
long live GT 2009!

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Chelsey said...

Haha. I'm so happy that as the only single, you became the husband. Such an obvious move for me. Pray that our days as bell hops will end before we are riding in wagons on our way back to Missouri.