Tuesday, 15 September 2009


it's 11:09 pm.
i have a campaign due in 9 hours.
do we have a concept?
i will be up all night.
i never sleep. my eyes are constantly bloodshot.
i have developed bipolar disorder:
you like my idea? YEAHHHH!!!! wait, no you hate my idea. I AM A FAILURE.
every time i open my mouth all that comes out is hii'mrebbiei'mfromprovoi'minadvertising.
why am i doing this?
right now i have no idea.
i was looking through my idea journal today and realized how insane this is.
"women. men? middle aged. overweight lady. ice cream by vegetables"
"dungeons & dragons, ladie's deodorant and JULIA CHILDS."
"parking ticket=ticket to paradise!"
"anonymous is not an option"
"bathroom stall with no t.p."

don't ask.
i just realized my last post was about advertising.
welcome to my life. or lack thereof.


Billy Reano said...

you are confusing. but that's okay.

Jenny Pate said...

This reminds me of those bing commercials. Funny. Hope you aren't TOO tired today!

Jordyn said...

Bwahaha oh Rebbicita. I love you and your apparently psychotic/irrational trains of thought. You shall overcome!!

Dani Stolworthy said...

this made me laugh & now i blogstalk you because i'm creepy.

J&B Barrett said...

Hee hee..... yep still laughing!

alison said...

rebbie darling i miss you. i know you will pwn advertising.