Sunday, 23 August 2009

the island

whoahhh it's been three weeks.
haven't you missed reading about my life???
what i've learned in this digital hiatus is that blogging is like exercise. if you take too long of a break, your first time back is filled with dread.
which is why i will now quit rambling and get to the point.
so. CAYMAN ISLANDS = perfection. i truly think those 7 days were the happiest i have ever spent on planet earth. since i put about 3,000 pictures on facebook i'll try to limit myself to a few here.

during our 3 hour layover in chicago, ker and vanessa thought it would be awesome to leave the airport and go explore the city. too bad i was raised by my dad and shot down that irresponsible idea the minute it was hatched. instead we spent 2 hours at an airport style macaroni grill.

why do we still attempt jumping pix? this was on 7 mile beach on the 'touristy' end of the island. those dang tourists are such a pain.

the house in our peaceful end of the island, Cayman Kai. the houses are all painted a different bright color, the one we stayed in being blue.

one of my favorite moments was our first sighting of the magical.

we found lots of friends in our bay. HUGE ones.

me being my emo self.

this started as an imitation of a cheesy photoshoot we saw in a magazine and ended up as a terrifying portrait of some really large thighs.
for some reason i look hot with these masks on, it's weird.
we took a boat ride out way past the reef, accompanied by some flying fish...crazy. i cannot believe how indescribably beautiful this water was. unfortunately this adventure brought me 12 STITCHES and a maxed out credit card. awesome.
the current was really strong out there, hence us holding onto the rope. i was swimming against it to get back on the boat but there were some pretty big swells. i was kicking my legs hard to stay afloat while taking off my snorkel mask and i got a little too close to the prop. as soon as i hit it i knew i was in trouble! ha i got on the boat quickly to evade the sharks and just sat there like , 'uhhh..i don't want to get your boat bloody.' i let vanessa do the screaming behind me :)

i'll save you the gory picture...this was the medical clinic (all 10 sq feet of it) where i was stitched up. by a woman who didn't seem to speak english...
her: "whan last time have tett ann iss?"
me: "yep..."
talker/translator/medical assistant who wore latex gloves to answer the phone at the main desk: " HAVE had a tetanus shot recently? or...."
ha. lovvve this one.
am i facing forward or backward? trickyyy!

so this is a somewhat horrible quality video... taken by someone over 40. never a good idea. haha but i needed to illustrate the terror and the enormity of the sting rays at stingray city. so freaky at first but by the end we loved holding them. so smooth underneath.

like any good vacation, it went way too fast and now seems like a dream. at least i have school to look forward to. 7 days baby. yeahhhh!!!

p.s. i move out tomorrow. so. dang. excited.


Becca said...

Wow, what an adventure! The best vacations always go by too fast. Good luck with school ;)

Annie said...

Ahh (no scream, rather a relaxing exhale). So jealous. I've been waiting for these pics. It looks absolutely heavenly. See you in a week!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

I already went through all the pics on facebook and again I am reminded of how jealous I am.

anyways, candy shoppe time. it's finally here.

David said...

That sounds awesome. It would have been even better if you had spent the very next week at a lake with your family. That would have been awesome. I'm sure you would post all about it.

Alli grins said...

Looks like h-e-a-v-e-n! I am dying over how much you look like your sister Amy with a scuba mask on! See? You do! Glad you had a great trip:-)