Saturday, 1 August 2009


the day has arrived!!!!

tomorrow me, kerali, vanessa and brienne will embark on an epic journey.
i've caught myself googling images of "cayman islands" probably 7 times at work this mind is already halfway there.
i can't wait to not use make up OR my brain for a whole seven days. my idea of heaven.
sooo grateful to brie for having a house there and for letting us mooch off all her family vacations! pictures to come.


Brandon and Katie said...

When are we going to do a girls trip to Florida? Marie and Anne are in. You? After you get back from cayman we'll talk about it k?! K. Ps love the makeover girlfriend. I would love to get LASIK! Sad that the beast has been retired but exciting about the new wheels girlfriend. Love the hair. How do you like it? It really is still long :). Have fun love you.

Sara said...

I am so jealous! Call me when you get back!

Billy Reano said...

Out of ALL the pictures to represent your trip to the islands, you put THIS pic? hilarious.