Sunday, 12 July 2009


basically i am slacking in every aspect of my life right now. i guess we could think of it as me just making the most of being a single, semi-employed 21-year-old living with my parents. i'm somewhat of a perfectionist-antislacker, so what i have learned is from this recent change is that slacking can be really fun. but really tiring.
i was in portland last weekend to see baby charlie's blessing. so great. fireworks over lake oswego and playtime with emy and baby "nay-nay" (renee)

the next day i jumped in the car with these crazy ladies and headed to lake powell. good times and lots of skin cancer.

on the way home they dropped me on the side of the road and these kiddies picked me up, to drive back down to st. george. 108 degrees. fun but yuckkkkky hot.

one bad part of being a slacker is that you fail to take pictures of your slacking. which means you are left with pictures like this:

anyway. 3 weeks until more slacking in cayman. yayyyy.

p.s. i'm getting lasik on thursday and terrified that he will accidentally gouge my eyes out. prayers, anyone? they would be greatly appreciated.


Billy Reano said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. You see, you can tell others that you've become a photographer part-time. Just leveled the playing field! Booya

Holli said...

good luck with the lasik! Don't worry when i went to the optometrist for the first time to get glasses, I had nightmares that the doctor poured hawaiian punch in my eyes. i'm sure lasik isn't as bad as that.

Annie Grow said...

like you even have to ask. and it's about time you started slacking. it feels so good, right? MISS YOU!!!

Sarah Orme said...

you get lasik. i'm more jealous than you'll ever know.

Mike said...

Slacking gets a bad name, but really, being truly dedicated to slacking and still maintaining a positive reputation in society requires a lot more cunning and problem-solving than ambition does.

So, to you, my newly-found slacking friend.

Slack-on! or don't, Either way, make sure you're sitting.