Sunday, 19 July 2009

extreme makeover: rebster edition

so this week marks the end of a few eras. three, to be specific.
number one being: THE GLASSES ERA.

last thursday i underwent a little procedure known as LASIK or Laser Advanced Surgery for Interlaser Keratotomy. ok...that's actually probably not right, but something to that effect. for all those considering lasik, just listen to everyone else who tells you it is a breeze and not terrifying and skip this next bit.
of course i knew i was in amazing hands (my uncle corey miller did it, definitely recommend him) but the bottom line is....YOU'RE CUTTING MY EYEBALL! WHILE I'M AWAKE.
i had all these nice things planned out to think of, aka jason and jeanine's contemporary piece on sytycd or ed's short green shorts.
but alas, as i was sitting there "looking at the red light" the only thing i could think of was minority report. ughhhh.
i will say, it literally takes ten minutes and is the most amazingly worthwhile terrifying ten minutes i have ever spent.
for example, i went for a check up the next day and i have 20/15 vision. seriously? ahhh it is so beautiful to wake up, look out my window and just SEE. such an amazing blessing and i feel so incredibly lucky.
i also have these awesome plastic eye patches i get to wear at night.

one incredibly vain, yet bad thing is that i'm somewhat attached to my spectacles. i feel a little lost without them. would anyone think i'm a poser if i pop out the lenses and wear em? shoot, me too. it may come to that though. don't judge.

anyway, moving on. the end of an era numero dos is: THE SOCCER MOM ERA.
some people major in mfhd to prepare themselves for motherhood. i drove an expedition for 5 years.

(yep. it's the eddie bauer edition)
it has been my honor to drive this beautiful machine since i was the tender age of 16 and can i just say that while i was sheepish at times to be seen in her, she has been wonderful to me.
i might miss bouncing around in this clumsy thing, blasting unexpected tunes from her maternal speakers.
she has served us well on many a group outing and has come to be known as the expe, the green goblin, the beast, or the party bus.
one last thing i will miss is how many guys i got from this beast. obviously.
so farewell to you my long time friend! and hello to you...

i feel like i'm driving a ferari.

end of an era number three is: THE LONG HAIR ERA.
the few of you who have known me all my life know that i have had short hair one time. in 4th grade. aren't we glad it was just that one time?

(real live scrapbook excerpt. thank you chico for being a witness of the event)
i have loved having long hair but just been so so so so sick of it i can hardly stand it!
so i chopped 3 1/2 inches off.
mind you, my brother in law as well as my friend who cut it say it still is long. but i feel like i got a buzz.
there is nothing in the world i hate more than taking pictures of myself but i really had no choice. how do you like that cheeser smile eh??

jess (reichman) olthius did it and i definitely recommend her! she works at suggestions but will be switching to her parents incredible new home since they're putting in a lil' salon. her number is 801.380.3334 if you are interested!

(reichmans new home i get to watch be built daily)

anywayyyyy exciting week. i have had a lot of confusing moments where i go to grab my glasses or take out my contacts or get the wrong keys or pour 5 tablespoons of shampoo into my hand. it's been rough but i think i'll adjust :)

ohh and one beginning of an era. i joined a celtic band. yeah...more to come on that. ps isn't beirut the most beautiful music you ever heard?


Becky said...

all good endings.
your hair looks simply fab although its not that short. but i like it a lot. a lot a lot.
much love, becks

Anna Jay said...

Ahahah we have the same Expedition. Eddie Bauer style. But ours is blue and sooooo maternal. Powerful.

LOVE that you got LASIK!!!!! I just bought 2 years worth of contacts and am getting fitted for new glasses on tues. Bleh.

I really love your hair! I am loving all these new things, baby car included.

Wow longest comment ever. Rebs I love and miss you always.

Peace and love.

Billy Reano said...

Congrats on the makeover! I hear lasik is a charm. Good to hear that all's well.

moesmiles said...

I told you the LASIK was totally worth it. You will get used to being without the glasses. I contemplated putting clear lenses in my glasses so I could still wear them after also. Never did though. And I'll tell you again, just wait till your first time water skiing when you can see the whole time. It's a completely different experience. Oh, and congrats on the new car!

Mike said...

I think we will have to be re-introduced with all these changes you've made. Lasik, new car, shorter hair, lenseless glasses...

'sall good.

Lindsey S. said...

You look adorable!

Alli grins said...

I LOVE your blog, your personality and your quirky sense of humor! Thanks for the laughs...I needed that today. Congrats on the LASIK! I had mine 10 years ago this month. Good thing you chose an awesome Ophthalmologist (wink!) I really can't imagine you without glasses, but you may just have to settle for some fun sunglasses. Congrats on all your crazy changes:-)

Olivia said...

Ahhh Rebbie! Reading this just makes me miss you all over again...seriously. Hope you are doing great! Thanks for posting on Michelle's blog. It is so nice to get updates and see pics. I need to write her before this baby next week! And good luck in the celtic'll have fun. But I give you permission to punch my brothers in the gut at will if needed. They like it I think.